Can you?

Could you imagine yourself loving someone who doesn’t love you? Could you imagine yourself chasing someone who dont actually sees you? Could you?

Why? Why would you chose to chase a love someone who doesn’t know your true value if someone out there is doing what you do in another person?

Sometimes, we were stuck by something we shouldn’t be stucked for. Sometimes, we were chasing someone whose chasing another person. And we always love someone who’s secretly loving someone, or bad, your friend, and then worst, your bestfriend.

We’re all a victim in this world. People act like they’re afraid to lose you but infact, they’re not. And worse, people hurt you and then they’re the one acting like they’re bleeding, or hurting. Ironic, isn’t it? Yeah, and all you can do is smile like nothing happened. Smile like its a mask full of lies.

Mask that’s we need always. Always to create a world of lie. A world whose giving us all hopes. Just hopes, just false alarm.

Now, can you… be a survivor? Even if you’re already a victim?

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