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Words: George Mills

Wrexham AFC is a legendary football club, with a legendary stadium to go with it. Of course, we all know and love the on-field legends of the club, the likes of Joey Jones, Mickey Thomas and the rest.

However, sometimes it does well to remember those who loved and dedicated themselves to the club off the field, legends in their own right. One such person who deserves recognition, is our beloved former club photographer, Les Evans.

An avid music fan, and lifelong supporter of Wrexham town and football club, Les sadly passed on May 1, 2015 after…

Welcome to RR McReynolds Marriage Guidance Ltd

We are on the cusp. Everything has been signed and sealed. Once it is finally rubberstamped the deal to take Wrexham from National League mainstays to potential greatness* will be delivered (*presently anything above mid-table in League Two will suffice) and we can finally look ahead instead of over our shoulder.

And boy, do we need this to happen more than ever for more than obvious reasons.

Like a once loving, rock-solid marriage that has become stale and contemptuous, the relationship between Wrexham AFC and many of its fans appears to have sunk to an all-time low in recent months…

The Grand Old Fluke of York

York City have played at Bootham Crescent for the final time.

Further COVID cases within the squad, the third time this season means their scheduled game against AFC Fylde was postponed and with it the chance to wave goodbye to York’s home of 88 years.

The old girl has graciously served its purpose for the Minstermen and a new stadium, the LNER Community Stadium which is your your typical identikit lower league new build, awaits them along with the city’s rugby league club the York City Knights.

I visited both new and old grounds last August just for memory lane…


Eyebrows were raised with joyful surprise when Jordan Davies returned to Wrexham last year. And whilst the Reds have hardly set the National League ablaze in their 13th season in the abyss, local lad Davies insists he wants to be long-term part of the Hollywood Reds revolution.

George Mills caught up with Davies during Wrexham’s enforced game absence.

Football fans around the world love the romanticism of homegrown talent rising through the ranks, from the academy through to the first team.

Wrexham has produced many a homegrown star throughout the years, and one such notable prospect is Coedpoeth’s very own…

‘Hollywood Fancy Dans’

Just one of the many descriptions used by the Bitter Twitterati since the Wrexham AFC takeover news sent shockwaves through the sporting world.

If it made little sense to us Town fans to begin with, then I guess you have to have a modicum of sympathy for those watching on in astonishment and bewilderment outside the confines of LL11.

How do two successful and famous actors try and start earning the trust of a relatively small community thousands of transatlantic miles away before they’ve even managed to have an audience with them?

Well, by the sway and swoon of social media of course.

Ever since it was announced Ryan and Rob (no surnames necessary) had formally confirmed their interest in purchasing Wrexham AFC the townsfolk have been reduced to gibbering, disbelieving, fawning wrecks. Me included.

All the main questions remain unanswered — why Wrexham? What is the plan? What is your vision? Will you give the WST an exclusive…

Wrexham 2 B’Wood 1

What Happened?

Everyone watched in on the live stream gogglebox because we had to. And that included co-owner in waiting Mr Reynolds who would have been impressed with the Deadpool-esque reflexes of Rob Lainton during the opening exchanges as the Rob-bobcat made a string of ridiculous saves to keep out pre-season optimism intact.

2020 eh. Depressing, strange, horrible, surreal. And I’m not talking about Covid-19.

Wrexham embark on a 13th season in non-league tomorrow when they host Boreham Wood at a fan-less Racecourse. Depressing.

The match-day squad will be barely recognisable from the one which was held to a goalless draw by Easteigh in our last competitive game on home soil back in March.

Instead of rolling up to the ground at 14:50hrs we will be gathered in our socially-distanced masses in pubs, and/or settling on the sofa with our spouse as the game gets the live-streaming treatment straight to our TVs, laptops…

I was lucky enough to be gifted a matchworn shirt by Paul Whitfield last year.

You know, Whits, the former Wrexham AFC goalkeeper.

You know, surely! No? Okay, maybe not.

A fair share of decent custodians have adorned the no.1 shirt for the Reds — from Dai Davies to Andy Marriott, Ben Foster to current incumbent Rob Lainton.

The last line of defence is one of the most exposed and scrutinised positions on the pitch. For all the noteworthy goalkeepers of yesteryear there have also been plenty of God-awful ones — Mark Walton and Xavi Valero had all the stopping…

Rarely do I receive text messages nowadays. Most of my instant messaging is done through WhatsApp. So on the rare occasion my text alert did sound I knew it was going to be from one of the following: voicemail notification, spam or Davy Lee.

When Davy sent a group text to everyone it was to informed the die-hards of Wrexham AFC about the next planned trips aboard TWATS travel — The Wrexham Away Travel Supporters.

It would mention the usual pick-up points and times plus the added bonus of a scheduled stop-off to sample the watering holes of a town…

Fearless In Devotion

CPD Wrecsam. By the fans for the fans. European pedigree stuck in the fifth division. We will rise again.

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