Fearless In Devotion
Apr 6 · 3 min read

Essex Ploys

Braintree, Barnet, Sutton United, Halifax Town, Harrogate Town.

Three home games, two away.

Two of them against sides sizing up a playoff place, two against clubs settling for mid-table mediocrity and one versus a team already preparing for life in the National League South after a torrid, tumultuous season.

You think Wrexham have had a bad season? Spare a fleeting thought for today’s opponents Braintree Town.

Eight wins offset by 26 defeats has seen the youthful Cressing Road outfit zombie shuffle to an early exit through the trapdoor.

However, manager Danny Searle (below) this week told Irons supporters to focus on what they have achieved in a forgettable campaign.

They lost 11 and won just one of their first 15 games (including a 1-0 home reversal to the Reds) setting them up for the inevitable dreaded drop.

But in a league where anyone can beat anyone and good form arrives as quickly as poor form, the Essex boys have taken four points of Salford and turned over Gateshead and Sutton on their own turf.

“People may say what’s there to be positive about, but from my perspective, what’s the point in moaning about it?”, Searle said.

“Forget about what everyone else is doing and how they run their clubs.

“Sometimes you get caught up so much in thinking about what everyone else has got that you lose sight of what you have got.

“The more time you spend on the negatives, the more miserable your life becomes.”

Sage words indeed and ones which could be a shared epiphany amongst righteous Red Passioners who revel in the misery of everything from poor results to interior design renovations within the Racecourse underbelly.

Sure, we’ve had good cause to moan recently as woeful performances and results have seen Wrexham transform from title hopefuls to playoff desperados in the blink of a weeping eye.

Three managers into a singular season and none have identified a goalscorer. Graham Barrow certainly identified a goal threat in Ben Tollitt but he’s already now an afterthought as messrs McGlashan, Spyrou and Augustien, the three mouse-keteers try to help salvage another season at risk of self-implosion. All three were hooked by a disbelieving Bryan Hughes at half-time in the Stonebridge Road slaying. Must do better.

But for all the recent Wrexham woes we are still in the mix, not least helped by midweek results which saw Leyton Orient lose and Fylde held. FFS! Title teasing tits.

And what better way to get back on track with a home game against a side propping up the rest of this total sphincter of a division.

It should, on paper, be a straight forward outcome. Three points to the hosts, maybe more than a solitary goal to claim them. But as Brian Flynn — his Second Coming stardust long since hooverled away — once famously said “…but football isn’t played on paper".

Braintree, birthplace of fallen dance punk icon Keith Flint (RIP) will need to display the same sort of energy the twisted Firestarter was famed for if they are to Smack Wrexham’s playoff Bitch Up.

If you somehow don’t realise it by now then the Wrexham Way is always the hard way, whether it is playing glorious stuff and racking up 98 points in the process or scraping a top seven spot after missing a shitload of barn doors during the past eight months.

Here’s hoping the scraping, at the very least, begins today.

*thanks to the photographers whose pics appear in this article*

    Fearless In Devotion

    Written by

    CPD Wrecsam. By the fans for the fans. European pedigree stuck in the fifth division. We will rise again.

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