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“Let’s see where they are after ten games".

It’s the classic well-worn pre-season riposte of the doubters who ‘follow' Wrexham via the local press/radio/their devoted and foolhardy mate down the pub.

After 900 minutes plus accumulated injury time of National League football under Sam Ricketts Wrexham lie second in the table after a brief dalliance with top spot.

A full blown affair with the solitary kingmaker place beckons if last Saturday’s performance is anything to go by.

Masquerading as some sort of La Liga feeder team Wrexham brimmed with confidence as they took Ebbsfleet to the cleaners.

To ruthlessly despatch a team who had previously not lost on the road this season adds weight to Ricketts’ arguement that his side will improve immeasurably as time wears on.

If the dire defeat at Solihull Moors was Shandy Bass then Saturday’s triumph was vintage Dom Pérignon.

Three hundred shy of 5k awestruck punters witnessed the majestic display.

But this was not just about the first ten games.

This was arguably the most impressive performance, first half specifically, by a Wrexham side in the past ten years.

Every wave of attack looked like it would yield a goal.

When the goals came they were all of glittering quality.

Chris Holroyd ran at his man and, in his own words gave Fatima Whitbread in goal ‘the eyes’.

He flummoxed the sturdy yellow shape with his crafty technique and thwacked the leather into the bottom corner.

Top finish by a top pro.

Then Stuart Beavon caressed in the second with a lovely first-time touch.

Rekeil Pyke turned from provider to poacher with another golden moment off the calcaneus.

Some fans hugged in disbelief, others punched the air in admiration for the quality of football being bestowed upon our hallowed turf.

On Fat Boar-inspired Shaun Pearson Day it was almost inevitable the skipper would deliver with more than his usual resolute display.

Even the Ebbsfleet defenders got the memo, affording him the Freedom of Wrexham to head home for 4-0 without shedding a bead of sweat.

Yes United won the second half 0-1 but matching the standards Wrexham set in the first half was almost impossible for Sam’s stunners.

It was that good. We were that good.

It was rather fitting then that the lads produced the goods on the day we remembered those who perished in the Gresford Disaster 84 years ago this coming Saturday.

That sombre minute’s silence always puts football into perspective.

But what football it was to behold. Here’s to plenty more in the next ten games and beyond.

Up The Free-Scoring Fabulous Footballing Town.

  • Pics: either Alun Roberts or Craig Colville (I was on my lunch break at work whilst penning this and ran out of time to check).