In The Way Next: Guiseley

Goal-shy Wrexham might score three on Saturday. Then again so might Guiseley.

In our four National League clashes to date one or both sides have found the net three times.

In February we beat them 3-1, securing us the double after a 2-3 win in August 2016. John Rooney scored three of our six goals, but more about that turncoat later.

In April 2016 we lost 3-1 at Guiseley and were held to a 3-3 draw in the October 2015 Racecourse clash.

Fascinating stats but I cannot foresee Shaun Pearson and Co making it three and easy for any of our opponents anytime soon — the defence is in imperious form and Christian Dibble is proving to be a chip off the old block, even if he did channel his inner-shutout chi to Callum Preston on Tuesday night.

What does their form say old boy?

In a word, gash.

Guiseley, birthplace of renowned bear fiddler Matthew Corbett (pictured above with Sooty, Sweep and Sue) and location of the first fish and chip shop belonging to his great uncle Harry Ramsden, shipped nine goals in their first three winless outings (two defeats and a draw) before securing a goalless point against Tranmere Rovers.

They then managed to do what we failed to do, triumphing 3-2 over Torquay United.

However, the momentary joy was tempered by successive defeats to Halifax, Hartlepool and Leyton Orient.

Adam Lockwood paid the price for a dismal start and was fired after the Hartlepool reversal.

Former Mansfield Town boss Paul Cox took the Nethermoor Park hotseat and led his charges to goalless draws against Eastleigh and at Barrow on Tuesday.

They don’t score many, we don’t score many. Something has to give right??

Friend or foe?

Ah, There’s Something About Rooney.

He broke maybe one or two hearts when he signed for the Lions on Valentine’s Day, purely because he was our form player and top scorer with legs eleven.

However, with him being one National League start away from triggering a clause in his contract over an extension, Keates used him to good effect from the bench as talks rumbled on.

In the end the midfielder, aided by his slippery agent decided to foxtrot oscar to a relegation battle in Yorkshire.

He wanted more cash, Keates told him it was not happening and that the club would not be held to ransom.

Rooney dropped a bittersweet tweet: ‘It was a pleasure to play for such a magnificent club and the fans have been great with me, but I’ve been put in an impossible position with the contract situation and decided to move on.’

Impossible position? Nah mate. Try telling that story to those in the pathway of Hurricane Irma.

The Scouse money-grabber scored on his Guiseley debut the same evening he quit the Cae Ras before injury and, in all probability, fate ended his season.

The Lions paid his wages, stayed up without him and we got some bonus cash as a result. Shrewd work by ol' Keatsey.

On the bright side Rooney provided us with those wild celebrations at Chester last season before Alabi got snipered for the equalizing spot kick.

  • Rooney and the Wrexham AFC Barbershop Quartet go delirious at the Deva. Pic — Duncan Cowley

To his immense (dis)credit this particular Rooney brother has not been arrested for drink-driving. This fact, alongside no evidence of dalliances with elderly prostitutes actually makes John the favourite son of Mr and Mrs Rooney.

But will he return to cheers or jeers on Saturday?

Why jeers of course. He played roulette with croupier Keates but refused to put it all on red.

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