(Notts the story) Drawing Glory?

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We analyse why Sunday is likely to be tight if history dictates; the sons set to follow in their father’s footsteps; why recent Sundays have see us smiling.

More than a 1,000 Reds fans will descend north-west of the River Trent on Sunday buoyed by Tuesday’s brilliant, brave and battling performance against previously unbeaten Halifax.

Our attacking prowess was a sight to behold yet we had to settle for just the one killer goal to earn the points.

Surely the floodgates will open soon and JJ Hooper or Mark Harris will be taking home the match ball? Don’t hold your breath on that happening at Meadow Lane on Sunday.

You see, games between the 1862 Magpies and the 1864 Robins are very tight indeed.

Four of our last five games against them were settled by just a goal — 1-0 to us last time out in 2008; 2-1 and 1-0 to them a year earlier; 2-1 and 1-0 to County either side of a 1-1 draw in December 2005.

And so it continues even further back: 2-3 Wrexham (FA Trophy); 1-0 County; 1-0 Wrexham; 2-1 County; 2-2 & 1-1 draws; 1-0 County; 2-1 County at the start of the Noughties.

The pattern was the same in the mid to late 90s too. Wrexham boss Bryan Hughes played in both clashes during the 1996/97 season and both ended in draws. The first was goalless in Nottingham before Karl Connolly (2) and Steve Watkin struck late on to rescue a point after being 1-3 down at home.

You have to go back to December 1985 to find a victory by two clear goals or more, with County coasting to a 0-3 Racecourse romp in an FA Cup reply after the first game ended 2-2.

Before that? Four 1-1 draws and a 1-0 Reds win.

To find a handsome Wrexham victory against County you have to go back to the 70s where we enjoyed a few two-nillers. Goal crazy eh.

Sons of Llanarchy

Christian Dibble and Devonte Redmond are nailed on to start at the weekend. Who was in the last Reds team to prevail in a league clash at Meadow Lane? None other than their fathers Andy Dibble and Paul Edwards. Wrexham were protecting the 0-1 lead they had took via Hector Sam in the 66th minute when winger Edwards made way for defender Shaun Holmes late on.

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Two other players with famous dads also started that day — Shaun Pejic (pictured above), son of former moustache’d Wrexham player-turned-physio Mel; and Darren Ferguson, offspring of Scottish super-grump TV detective Taggart, pictured below both with and without his peepers.

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Gary Mills' bae Darren Caskey came off the bench for the Magpies.

The win kickstarted a mini three-game hot streak which included a memorable 2-3 win at Sheffield Wednesday.

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The last time we played on a Sunday was November last year when we secured a 2-0 FA Cup win at Weston-super-Mare.

The one before that? Another 2-0 triumph, this time in the cross-border derby in March of the same year.

Home birds

County, like us have had a ‘meh' start to the season as they adjust to life outside of the Football League.

The Magpies stumbled to a 1-0 opening day defeat at Eastleigh before being held 1-1 on home soil by division returnees Stockport Country. Barnet took maximum points away from Meadow Lane after coming from behind to prevail 1-2.

However, Neal Ardley’s men registered their first win at Harrogate on Tuesday (0-2).

Like Wrexham Sunday’s hosts have also had two dismissals already this season, with both coming in the final 15 minutes of the Eastleigh defeat.

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CPD Wrecsam. By the fans for the fans. European pedigree stuck in the fifth division. We will rise again.

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