Out Of The Way: Matchday 1

Wrexham 2 B’Wood 1

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What Happened?

Everyone watched in on the live stream gogglebox because we had to. And that included co-owner in waiting Mr Reynolds who would have been impressed with the Deadpool-esque reflexes of Rob Lainton during the opening exchanges as the Rob-bobcat made a string of ridiculous saves to keep out pre-season optimism intact.

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Adi Yussuf suffered an injury before the half hour, with Jake Bickerstaff replacing him.

Reece Hall-Johnson then thundered down the right before lacerating both ball and net with a venomous strike. Ferocious finesse. 1-0.

Theo Vassell turned a sitter into a shitter before half time. Mad half — Reds could have been two down or two up.

Hall-Johnson scraped the paint off the crossbar before Fiacre Kelleher saw a header clawed away, as Wrexham started the second half on fire.

However, just as we had in the first half the Wood scored totally against the run of play as Murtagh took advantage of some hesitancy to head home for 1-1 on the hour.

Keates' new-look Reds (eight debutantes!) regrouped but it was last season’s star performer who fired us back ahead. Luke Young doesn’t do tap-ins, only thug-fuckery juggernauts. Free-kick. Fireball. 2-1.

Rob McElhenney then tweeted his half American/half Bootlegger “let’s go lads” message.

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The Wrexham rearguard, shorn of Shaun, improved as the game wore on, with Fiacre Kelleher particularly stoic in nature.

It wasnt a classic performance, nor was one expected. But overcoming a jittery start, taking our chances (Yussuf miss aside) when presented with them and looking very fit are solid grounds for optimism.

The Too Many Pilsners Meant You May Have Missed It Moment

Well, the camera issues were well documented by many voicing their ire on social media. The little robotic thingy decided to give Lainton the love eyes whilst Wrexham had a corner. Frustrating but that’s automation for you. It’ll be sorted, I’m sure. Johnny 5 (Google it kids) is alive it seems.

The Referee Is A W-A-N-K-E-R Scale of Shitfuckery

Whoever it was he did reasonably well. The game flowed and wasn’t as disjointed as it could have been, especially on such a rain-sodden pitch.

WreX man

Kelleher. Grew in confidence and stature as the game progressed. Looks the part and needs to be the part now that Shaun Pearson is facing a lengthy spell out following impending surgery on a toe.

It’s Always Sunny In Cae-y-delphia match rating:

3/5. Solid but not spectacular. Definitely not sunny.

In The Way Next

Successive away days — Solihull Moors on Tuesday followed by a stinky trip to Somerset where Yeovil lie in wait next Saturday.

Moors have won the last two against us at their gaff but we go their with a decent clutch of their former players — Yussuf, Thomas, Kelleher, Reckord.

They lost 2-1 at Woking today.

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CPD Wrecsam. By the fans for the fans. European pedigree stuck in the fifth division. We will rise again.

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