Out Of The Way: Matchday One

Wrexham 0 Macclesfield Town 1

Goals: Baba, 12.

What happened?

Traditionally Wrexham and big league gates don’t usually get along.

When it’s big, it’s expectant (ooh-er missus) but instead of thriving upon the goodwill of the 6k locals the Reds were flacid (okay, it’s an easy comparison) and lacked the urgency witnessed in pre-season.

Noe Baba’s hopeful long-distance effort beat a flailing Dunn in the 12th minute and silenced an optimistic home crowd. The keeper perhaps should have done better. I mean, the kid who scored is no Mark Jones.

We huffed and puffed through the first-half. Jalal may as well have put up the deck chair and read the papers with his goal obscenely untroubled.

Things improved marginally in the second-half but with the Macc defence unbowed and their midfield allowed to be far too creative, Wrexham never really looked like scoring.

If a late penalty appeal (see below) had been upheld then Macclesfield would, if we are honest, have felt hard done by. They did a number on us and claimed what is becoming an all too easy three points at our expense.

I went to see my nan after the game. She’s 93. She’s been in hospital for 10 weeks. I told her the score. She saw my face.

“No point being down in the dumps. They can always play another game.”

Cheers nan. Words of wisdom from a paid-up member of the wily generation.


Manny Smith plays like Manny Smith does — resolute, stubborn, stifling.


Not so much a stinker, more a surprise. James Jennings was not his usual calm and composed best. His distribution was not on point and he looked the most nervy out of the back four. Expect a positive response from a class player who endured an off-day.

Moment You May Have Missed:

Elliot Durrell rubbed his belly in reponse to the “you fat bastard” taunts from the MRS. If he’s fat then I must be morbidly obese. Decent little player with a dangerous delivery. Still berates a ref like Jezza Kyle slags off cheating spouses though.


"He’s got two left feet". "He’s too slow". "Where’s that to?". “Nothing changes eh”.
Just some of the many ‘fans’ whose whinges are audible only to those within one square metre. If you have genuine belief in your criticism then why not tell the entire stand?
We’re in the fifth division pal — no amount of armchair football criticism can prepare you for real life lower league action. 
Shut up or put up.

As for the boos at full time….give your head a wobble.

The Referee is a W-A-N-K-E-R Scale of Shitfuckery:

W. Neil Hair. Top of the scale. Nit-picked throughout, made calls far too quickly and is a quintessential Vanarama League ref — dogshit with added cocktail stick popped on top of the stool for comedy value. A headbang on Wedgbury in the box late on….seen them given. But was Hair interested? He cut the figure of a man which said: “I like being a shithouse. The lad’s head was low”.

Who is In The Way Next?

Keates takes his men south for the next two games — Maidenhead United on Tuesday before James Hurst returns to the Crabble on Saturday where Dover Athetic and a shitload of chip-stealing seagulls lie in wait.

Maidenhead, constituency of chief Brexiteer Teresa May, drew 1-1 at Maidstone United whilst Dover produced arguably the shock of the day with a 1-0 win at Hartlepool.