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Earlier this month we discovered Gary Mills had emerged from his cave to give a rare interview documenting his time as a manager. He claimed he didn’t want the Wrexham job in the first place and effectively went on to slag the club off.

Our man Randy Lee immediately called bullshit on Gary’s wild account. Here is his hot take on Mr Fake.

Picture the scene: It’s Spring 2015. A silver-haired tantastic lothario is sat in the dark and dingy corner of a Gateshead pub talking animatedly to an older man in a suit.

He’s sobbing into his pint whilst nibbling sadly on a pickled egg. “Please don’t make me go there,” he begs. He’s now practically on his hands and knees tugging on the other man’s trouser leg.

What request could provoke such sadness I hear you ask? Why it’s the new dramatized version of how Gary Roland Mills came to leave Gateshead to become manager of Wrexham.

In a tell-all interview, our former hero opened his heart up to a York City podcast about how he was effectively forced to come to North Wales by ex-Heed chairman Graham Wood.

While we find the pint and pickled egg part easy enough to picture (he genuinely said it), the rest sounds about as believable as booze-addled buffoon James Hurst’s claim to be a millionaire and owner of Scottish slaves.

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We’ll sum up his cry arsing in a few bullet points to get it out of the way first:

• He initially didn’t want to speak to us because he was “happy as Larry” at Gateshead

• He reluctantly agreed to talk after hearing the Heed chairman was leaving

• He spoke to us and Tranmere – we said he wanted him in pronto while the Tramps mucked around in their trackies so he came here

• Our budget was smaller than Gateshead’s and we were a “difficult club”

• We believe we’re a big club and can’t get round the fact it’s all in the past now

• Even if we won a game, we’d still boo the team off

• It wasn’t a relaxed atmosphere like he had at York and the scrutiny from the press was “intense”

• The time he was given at Wrexham “wasn’t enough”.

We won’t do a point by point rebuttal of that little lot as frankly, who has the time when you could be tucking into some tasty scran delivered by El Capitan Shaun Pearson?

While there might be a hint of truth in some of it – the fact we don’t have the biggest budget in the league is well established and we have been guilty of struggling to accept non-league life at times – but it’s all hyped up in a hubristic manner which belies what Mills said publicly at the time.

If we look at his first interview when he was linked to the Wrexham job, all the classic hallmarks are there. Mills said he was “honoured” to be entering talks with a “massive club”.

He even went one further and called us a “sleeping giant” and said he understood the pressure of managing a former league club.

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How lovely Gary – perfect way to temper expectations wouldn’t you say?

In fact, a former WST board member has driven a Steve McNulty sized hole through the account given by R Gazza by revealing it was his agent who contacted us first. Bloody facts.

Cut forward to 2020 and now he’s bleating about a reporter asking him if he could handle it during his first press conference.

No offence to the Wrexham press pack, who do a decent job, but it hardly sounds like he was taking on Jeremy Paxman.

The truth of the matter is that Mills is little more than a vainglorious peacock, still dining out on his time playing under Brian Clough at Nottingham Forest.

When he first came along, he had us all drinking his Kool Aid with some admittedly sexy football for the first two months at least.

It looked like we were going to get Gary the Wizard, the bloke whose Gateshead side tore us a new one in August of the previous year.

To further manage expectations, he ran round the pitch tubthumping like a demented alpha chimp.

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The reality though was that we ultimately got Gary the Dinosaur, whose pie and a pint man management style made Brian Little look like a pioneer of the modern game.

The team he assembled before being booted was one of the worst to ever grace the Cae Ras pitch, with the manner of some of the signings raising a few eyebrows too.

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Fast forward to later in the season and even his former players were rubbing it in as we sent Mills’ York team hurtling towards relegation.

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Three years on from his last job, the man now has the front to try and put his name out there by slagging off our club.

You think you weren’t given the time Gary? Personally, we think you wasted 18 months of ours.

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CPD Wrecsam. By the fans for the fans. European pedigree stuck in the fifth division. We will rise again.

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