Wrexham 1 Solihull Moors 0

What Happened?

Moors, who got Martin Allen booted arse first out of Chesterfield’s Prozac (😉) Stadium after Saturday’s 4-0 twatting of the spineless Spireites showed they were up for the battle when Danny Wright had a cheeky wrestle with expert ball shepherd Jake Lawlor with just a few minutes played.

Akil Wright panic headbutted a free header into the kop before namesake Danny evened up his personal battle with Lawlor.

The Reds defender dallied, Danny DISpossessed (or took over Lawlor’s soul if you believe Wrexham AFC’s Twitter, below) him and fed Nathan Blissett who skewed his aim just wide of the target.

Lainton then got down smartly to beat away Darren Carter’s drive as the Bananamen threatened.

  • Danny Wright wins a foul with this blatant dive.

Tyrone Williams became Akil’s seatbelt in the box — nothing given. Then Danny Wright dropped like a sack of steaming Midlands manure to win a free kick.

Brad Walker tested the Moors keeper with the break looming before James Jennings produced the moment of an insipid first half.

Carter quickly shifted the ball from his left to his right in the box and stroked the ball towards the goal from seven yards, however Jennings ‘mansplayed’ himself with cat-like agility to scythe the ball to safety. Proper last ditch shit right there.

Jennings then turned from saviour to provider, firing in the centre for Duracell bunny Paul Rutherford to convert. There was more than a suspicion of handball about it as the ball arrowed towards the net but you earn your luck — Rutherford earns it time and again with the amount of miles he clocks up per game.

The Moment You May Have Missed

The lino getting cleaned out by two players took some beating, but I couldn’t stop laughing when one Moors player clothes-lined himself under the temporary pitch barrier at the uni end of the MRS.


“He’ll be on King Street in a minute.”

One cad chimed in with this beauty in response to Solihull’s No.2 gaining an obscene amount of yardage via a succession of throw-ins late on.

The Referee Is A W-A-N-K-E-R Scale of Shitfuckery

Declan Bourne — fell for Wright’s buffoonery and had an okay first half. However, he got progressively gasher in the second half — some of his decisions were fucking baffling. He booked Bobby Grant for getting bitch-slapped by their doorman of a no.6.

Racecourse Roar-o-meter

Despite the official Wrexham AFC Twitterati encouraging the home (un)faithful to indulge in a very public gangbang with the gloriously revirginized rusty mound (ooh matron!) that is Miss Kopend, we decided to raise our pulses in a more traditional way.

From the lung-busting first strains of ‘Wrexham Is The Name’, 6,220 (minus the 116 away fans) Reds fans got behind their team early doors but the noise soon fizzled out as the visitors flexed their promotion credentials.

In fact, it took until the 85th minute for the hordes to pipe up en masse again as we sung our lads to a right Nick Nolte of a win — gritty and very ugly.