Screw Status Quo to Redefine Success

Lisa McDonald
Jan 21, 2019 · 3 min read

In one of my more recent global radio/podcast interviews, I had the immense pleasure and tremendous honour to interview fellow Thrive Global Contributor, Evans Duren, on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald!

What I have come to most admire and respect about Evans, is that in spite of his very successful career as a top sales producer, and in spite of his regional and national awards, and in spite of a succession of one accolade after another — this spitfire, Evans Duren, bravely and courageously acknowledged within himself that he had been following the path of success as outlined by the world around him. Through real life experiences within Evans journey, he came to realize that the person he was chasing was not at all who he needed to be. Upon this inner revelation, Evans has become laser focused in his mission to serve others redefine success in their lives as he has in his own, rather than live out someone else’s definitions, expectations, and standards! Evans clearly defined purpose in life is to serve others with a strong desire to stand alongside them in their victories, losses, struggles, and triumphs! Evans provides and facilitates these services as the CEO/Founder of his own speaking and coaching business — CARE 2 SUCCEED.

Listen Here to #LivingFearlessly with Evans Duren

Evans has made it emphatically clear to the entire world that it is his family who remains his number one customer. This declaration is only one of the many reasons for why Evans is a stellar human being in my humble opinion. There is a depth to Evans soul which makes him relate-able to just about anyone whose path is fortunate enough to cross his. Undoubtedly, there is a little part of Evans in every persons own backstory. It requires an ongoing commitment to adjust the mirror of truth upon ones self as a barometer of measurement in assessing our own credibility, integrity, and core alignment with our own inner being. The fact that Evans was and continues to consistently do just that with himself, by himself, and for himself, is an incredible testament to his character. The depths a person is committed to unearthing within their own levels of self-awareness, by placing the magnifying glass of truth upon themselves, is the determining factor for how that same person can and will show up for all others. Because Evans has chosen to remain both clear and steadfast in his dedication to the inner workings of self — Evans not only shows up brilliantly and radiantly for others…Evans is another member of the Tribe who in his own way which is signature to him…is also… Uplifting People To Fear Less And To Live More!
Thank you, Evans Duren, from the centre of my heart…for being EXACTLY as you are! Thank you, Evans Duren, for being the walking, talking, and breathing example for all that is right with this world! Keep Shining our friend!

Uplifting You To Fear Less and To Live More! Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend.
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
Thrive Global/Medium

Originally published at on January 21, 2019.

Uplifting you to Fear Less and to Live More! Author, Writer, Speaker, Radio & TV Show Host, Coach, #LivingFearlessly

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