Monthly Newsletter, October 8, 2020

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Happy October, Fearless readers and writers.

Hopefully, you’ve been able to make the transition successfully from summer to fall and have been enjoying the new season.

We appreciate our writers and their willingness to share their vulnerability and strength with us here at Fearless, and as such, our editorial team wants to be equally transparent. All three of us are currently feeling anxiety and stress over recent events, and we recognize how difficult it can be to feel motivated while dealing with mental duress.

We frequently wax poetic about the importance of taking care of ourselves, and right now, we’re feeling the pull to curl up on the couch with a good Netflix documentary or novel, and so, we’d like to share three novels that we’re reading. …

Monthly Newsletter, September 1, 2020

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Welcome to September, Fearless readers and writers.

We hope that you’ve been able to enjoy your summer months. We’ve been incredibly busy here at Fearless, and have some new updates to share with you.

Our editorial team has begun calling themselves “The Beat Up Crew.”

You may have noticed that we did not put out a newsletter last month. In the midst of everything happening in the world, as well as our own personal lives, time got away from us.

Once, in the span of 10 minutes on our group chat, we had discussed significant health issues, traumatic fights with family members, overworking 12-hour days, and more.

“We’re a pretty beat up crew,” we determined, and since then, the name has stuck. We use it lovingly and laughingly. …

Monthly Newsletter, July 8, 2020

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Fearless readers and writers — it’s July.

How? How is it already July? And yet, here we are — moving both quickly and slowly (somehow at both speeds, simultaneously), into the summer months. We’ve managed to remain busy here at Fearless, reading and publishing your incredible stories, and also working on a couple of other projects.

We’ve been working on our podcast, Fearless She Spoke!

That’s right! The Fearless She Wrote editors are now hosting a bi-weekly podcast. The episodes are presented round-table style, and we’re delving into conversations around feminism, mental health, and the world today!

We’re looking forward to growing this podcast with you — and we’re hoping to invite guest speakers to join our conversations very soon. …

(Links to petitions, fundraisers, and resources)

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Instead of publishing stories from our Fearless writers today, June 2, 2020, our publication will be silent, here on Medium and on social media.

The voices of Black people everywhere need to be heard — and not just today or while the hashtag #blackouttuesday is still trending.

On this #blackouttuesday, we use our platform to remain silent in memory of George Floyd, David McAtee (an unarmed Black restaurant owner who was shot by LMPD officers with unactivated body cameras early Monday morning), Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, John Crawford, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Tamir Rice, and the many other Black civilians murdered by police. …

Monthly Newsletter, April 1, 2020

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Hello to all of our Fearless readers and writers!

First and foremost, we want to wish you happiness and health in this very tumultuous time. We know that the month of March was globally a month of stress and anxiety, and it doesn’t appear that our social distancing practices can lessen during the month of April.

First, we want to acknowledge the fear and angst that’s currently serving as the collective societal mood. While our plan is to make this newsletter overarchingly positive, we also don’t want to pretend that everything is okay. Everything isn’t okay — and no one is alone in feeling this way.

We’d like to gently remind you to be kind to yourselves during this time. For many of us, we’re putting a lot of pressure on ourselves to be “productive” now that we’re at home — but sometimes, productivity just looks like getting out of bed in the morning and putting on clothes. Sometimes, that’s a win. And that’s okay. …


Fearless She Wrote Editorial Team

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