The #YearOfEveryone: Peter J Galli

As part of my fresh new fun in 2018, I’m placing the sunlight onto others, who are my inspiration, my heroes, and all-around great folks.

The subject for my very first #YearOfEveryone post is a great man, Peter Galli.

How do I know Peter?

In 2008, when I was working in the Open Source Software Lab at Microsoft, Peter was hired to be the “chief blogger and Editor-in-Chief” of Port 25 (the ‘edgy’ blog that the OSSL had to chronicle Microsoft’s journey into embracing open source). I was working as a software developer making things around PHP better on Windows (like enabling SQL Server for use in many things PHP related).

While we worked in the same group, Peter and I never had very much actual interaction, but we were friendly enough for him to add me as a friend on Facebook, so … it seems that it worked out well.

It’s really via Facebook that I got to know Peter better, as a passive observer in his life, and it’s because of that, that he has had such an impact on me.

What can I tell you about Peter?

Peter is married (his spouse is the most wonderful Ed Tauscher) and has a life that has taken him to the four corners of the world. From his roots in South Africa, to living abroad in America, France, Singapore and now Thailand, Peter is currently Vice President of Communications for Nissan Motor Company.

It’s clear that Peter likes to travel, and yet he always finds his way home to his cats. I think that the only way that Peter and I are even similar, is that we’re both cat people. I have a real soft spot in my heart for the kitties, and I know from the numerous posts on Facebook that Peter does too.

Why is Peter so awesome?

I’ve been trying to come up with a word for how I see Peter — and all I can come up with is Joy. Even in the face of adversity, Peter brings joy into everything. I believe I’ve seen his angry side, and it’s still a pleasure to be around.

Seriously, when I’m feeling rotten, I ask “How would Peter show this feeling?” … and it helps.

Why did you pick Peter for the first #YearOfEveryone post?

From the first moment I started to think about this project, Peter was my absolute first choice — it just seemed like he is the perfect person to introduce the whole idea of just how awesome people can be. It’s not even like we cross paths or anything anymore, he’s just so inspirational, and he probably doesn’t even know that he’s had such an effect on my life. Well, he should now.

If I could tell Peter one thing right now, what would that be?

Thanks, Peter. And please, don’t ever change. You’re just great.

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