you need to learn about Doris Day!

animal welfare activist, actress and,singer

(Early Life)

Doris Day was born on April 3, 1922, in Cincinnati, Ohio. She grouped up with a few big popular bands before she decided to go solo in the late 40’s (1947).In the 1950's, she made a series of famous film musicals, including Calamity Jane (1953) and, The Pajama Game (1957). Doris is an advocate for animal welfare and founded several organizations devoted to animals for the cause. Day stared out as a singer.


Doris’s first singing performances were on local radio programs. She also sang with bandleader Barney Rapp and his group for a time. Rapp encouraged her to accept and receive a stage name, and she changed her last name to Day after the song “Day After Day.”


Two of her biggest hits came from movies she made in the mid-1950's. She sang “Secret Love” in the musical western Calamity Jane (1953), where she played as a rough-and-tumbled cowgirl. also famous The Pajama Game.

(Retiring and adopting animal welfare advocate)

In 1975, Day announced that she was retiring from acting so she could work with animals.she was the founding members of Actors and Others for Animals.she fostered and helped many troubled animals

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