The unforgettable Jeffery Dahmer!

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Full name — Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer

Birth — May 21, 1960

Death — November 28, 1994

Height — 6'1"

Parents — Lionel Dahmer, Joyce Dahmer

Victims — 17

(child hood)

Jeffery Lionel Dahmer, an American serial killer and sex offender from the late 70’s. As a child Dahmer was like most people.Nothing too concerning about the growing child but, as Jeffery got older he became withdrawn and uncooperative. By the age 10–15 Jeffery showed no interest in hobbies he’d enjoyed.

(high school)

During the high school years Jeffery became really interested in dead animals and, he started drinking heavily. Jeffery became an alcoholic and, it became an issue.His father made him enlist in the Army, then was later declined due to harsh alcoholism.

(traveling and interested)

Dahmer traveled to Florida and, spent a lot of his time in the hospital. Jeffery was kicked out of the hospital due to alcoholism.He became very interested in odd things when he moved in with his Grandmother. Jeffery's grandmother says she was finding strange things in her home including a .357 magnum under his bed and, a male mannequin in his closet.He continued his obsession with dead animals, dissecting dead squirrels in the basement and dissolving them with harsh chemicals. In 1982 and 1986 Jeffery was arrested for indecent exposure. The grandma as concerned as she was with his odd behaviors decided she would ask him to leave her home in the summer of 1988.

(moving in and, Getting into trouble)

Jeffery Lionel Dahmer moved out of his grandmother’s home and, found an apartment near his job at the ambrosia chocolate factory. 1 day living in the new apartment Jeffery has already gotten himself arrested for drugging and sexually fool around with a 13 year old boy.


Dahmer was arrested for having photos of limbs in his bedroom.

Dahmer had a job and lived in Milwaukee wi.

Jeffery had 17 murder charges.

My facts about Jeffery Lionel Dahmer is completely reliable and here is a list of URL you can use in order to gain more detailed facts about this person.but remember when copy and pasting the URL remember not to copy the word URL 3 letter word,thank you



.357 magnum - is a revolver cartridge with a .357-inch (basically a gun).

mannequin- a dummy used for clothes and display.

withdrawn- process from possible recovery for drugs or drinking may sweat or pass out.


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