A Company You’ve Never Heard of May Have Solved the Password Mess
Scott Rosenberg

Garbage. Single-Sign-On has existed for more than 20 years.

This is not an end to passwords, it’s a less secure method because 1 password gives an attacker access to everything.

If you need help with your passwords, use a free program called Keepass, you can get it from http://keepass.info. Make all of your passwords unique, strong, and expiring after 1 year. Use Keepass’s auto-type features to simplify entry of passwords (it is a very advanced and capable feature). Once you get the hang of this, your headaches will be gone and you will be more secure than any other solution can offer. That determined hacker will not be able to access your bank account, even with your email address.

Further, you can use email aliases, such as yourname+alias@email.com or if your email provider lets you change the alias delimeter, yourname-alias@email.com which is less obvious to a trained eye. This way you have a unique password and a unique email address for every single account. You keep all of this in your keepass database for easy retrieval, which is encrypted and locked with either a master password, a key file, or both.

I am a professional I.T. expert of nearly two decades. I’ve spent a lot of time considering this problem, and the solution I present is the absolute best, I assure you.