iPad-only is the new desktop Linux
Watts Martin

The headline of this article is stupid. Also stupid is the suggestion that Linux as a desktop is “difficult”, or that other operating systems are “easy”.

I’ve been deeply involved in computing for 25 years and I have used nearly every operating system, as well as most mobile device OSes. The challenges are not the same, Linux in 2016 is not “difficult”, and other operating systems are not “easy”. In fact I had more headaches using Windows 10 than I’ve ever experienced with Linux, with the significant difference of being unable to fix them in Windows because of the layers of obfuscation in the name of user-friendliness.

Also, the headline shows that the author does not really understand technology and sees Operating Systems as some sort of fad that comes and goes. Linux is going to be around for a very long time, and Linux as a desktop operating system is going to be common-place.

I don’t mean to be insulting. If you feel insulted by my comment it’s probably because you wrote a dumb article. Much love.