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Choosing the right fire extinguisher is overwhelming with so many options of fire extinguishers available. There are more than 40,000 fires at the work place that cause fatalities and loss of property. Using a wrong type of extinguisher for a fire can cause more damage and in most cases is life-threatening.

Fires are inevitable in military operations and in industries like oil, plastic and rubber. No single extinguisher is effective on all fires. Febbex North America provides products and solutions for extinguishing the different classes of fires. With a simple addition of an additive, fires can be effectively controlled and contained which prevents further damages.

Who is Febbex

Febbex is one of the best known companies in Germany which was founded by Gerd Gobel, who has over 30 years experience in the fire department of a chemical company in Frankfurt. The indepth research and understanding of fires led to the development of innovative products like extinguishing gels, foam extinguishing agents, chemical binders.

Febbex has become a leaders in fire extinguishing products range due to their innovative product development especially keeping in mind the military and rubber, plastic and oil industries.

Febbex North America is a company registered in America who is exclusive distributors for United States of America, Canada and Mexico for fire extinguishing agents that are developed and manufactured by Febbex, Germany.

Product Range

The wide range of fire extinguishing products and accessories include:


Prevento® Forest

Prevento® Solar






Application — Fire Extinguisher & Prevention

Fighting A Fire

There are different types of fire extinguishers at home, office, workplace, warehouses and industries or manufacturing units.

The standard water extinguisher referred to as Stored-Pressure Water Extinguisher contains 2 ½ gallons of water with a discharge time of 30–60 sec and the stream reaches 15–30 feet. This fire extinguisher is suitable for Class A fire only.

FFFP Foam Extinguisher is designed for Class A and Class B fires. They contain 2 ½ gallons of water with FFFP foam additive which has the characteristic of making water float on fuel.

Bromochlorodifluromethane Extinguisher is hand held fire extinguishers designed for Class B and Class C fires. This fire extinguisher is also called as Halon 1211 fire extinguisher and is available in different sizes. The discharge time depends on the capacity.

Dry chemical extinguisher is of two types, available for Class A, B, C fires and those available for Class B and C fires. These also come in various sizes and range with discharge time 10–25 seconds.

Types of Fires

Fires are of different types which have to be effectively and efficiently controlled as well as to prevent re-combustion which causes more damage.

Class A: Solid combustibles like wood, paper, embers, rubbers and plastics

Class B: Liquid combustibles like diesel, oils, kerosene, and benzene

Class C: Gaseous combustibles like propane, butane, natural gas, acetylene, and methane

Class F: Animal fat and vegetable oils like dripping lard, rapeseed, palm, peanut, sunflower and coconut oil

Class D: Metallic combustibles like aluminum, titanium

All fires can be classified under some class of a fire and it has to be extinguished by using the right fire extinguisher. A wrong fire extinguisher will create havoc

Fires cause great damage to property and the environment. Heat, fuel, oxygen and a chain reaction are present, a fire happens. The only way to extinguish a fire is to remove one of these factors and the fire ceases. Prevento® is one such additive that can be added to any fire extinguisher and can be used on different combustibles. Prevento® is an extinguishing agent which is a combination of Super Absorb Polymer gelling agent. Prevento® is a product developed and manufactured by Febbex, Germany.

Application of Prevento®, Fire Extinguisher Additive

Home and Building Fires

Prevento® can be used with traditional extinguishers for Class A, B and C fires. When used at home, it minimizes the losses by stopping the fire from spreading. It can be used in deep fryer fires in the kitchen, engine fires in boats and automobiles and transformers,

Forest Fires

A burning cigarette, a campfire or a bolt of lightning that strikes the ground may cause a forest fire. The fire spreads rapidly when the forest is dry and worsens when a wind is blowing which spreads the fire in all directions. The forest fire causes tremendous loss. Most of the time enough water is not available to douse the fire which is used with or without a foaming agent. Up on cooling, the extreme heat and wind can ignite the area again.

Adding Prevento®, combats the extreme forest fires efficiently, which saves the natural forests as well as reduces loss of property and in some cases life too. Whether you are trying to fight the forest fire terrestrially or aerial, simply add Prevento® to effectively control and extinguish the forest fire. Prevento® can be

· sprayed from the air

· applied to normal fire extinguishers

· applied outside hazardous zones

Benefits of Using Prevento® Forest

· creates an almost impregnable coating

· retains hot and inflammable gases/vapors

· creates a cooling surface

· prevents re-ignition

· uses 20 times less water

· readily bio-degradable

· non-toxic

Military Fires

Vehicle tire on US military vehicles catch fire very often, this is one of the biggest hazard faced by military personnel. The fire on the tires of transportation vehicle or armored personnel carriers in difficult terrain/environment is known to generate unmanageable fires with intense heat. The fire can burn for hours, which slow down the movement of the military convoy and causes material damage too.

Prevento® can effectively extinguish the tire fires rapidly and stop re-ignition as it has a cooling effect on the tires and extinguishes the intense fires. The spraying appliance, Dekamax® is made of stainless steel and has a capacity of 2.64 gallons. The use of the special Pyro Nozzle which is made of stainless steel and attached to a long hose makes it easy to reach and extinguish the fire that is inside the tire.

Benefits of Using Prevento® for Military Fires

· converts combustible into flame retardant material

· cools down the hot inflammables

· creates a compact separating layer

· has a cooling effect

Oil, Rubber and Plastic Industry Fires

Oil, rubber and plastic are difficult flammable materials. Plastics include polypropylene PP, polyacrylate, polyethylene PE, polyamides or plastic crap. Oils include thermo-oils, marlotherm, diephyl oil, lubricants, hardening oils, heavy oils and paraffin’s. With a proper concentration of Prevento® added to the plain water, the extinguishing capabilities are significantly improved. Prevento® also increases of resistance and impregnation properties of the fire extinguisher.

Benefits of using Prevento® in Oil, Rubber and Plastic Industry Fires

· forms a coating on liquids and solid materials

· creates a compact separating layer

· cools down the inflammable gases to temperatures below ignition point

· non-toxic

· easily bio-degradable

· saves water as water required is almost 20 times lesser extinguishing water

Adding Prevento® to fire extinguishers thickens the water, which enables the gel to stay longer on the burn material; the organic salts offer excellent impregnable properties while the hydrocolloid stabilizer prevents separation.

PRODUCT INFORMATION (Prevento®, Prevento® FOREST, Prevento® Solar)


Prevento®, the gel extinguishing agent is developed and manufactured in Germany by Febbex. It is a high performance, innovative additive that extinguishes fire of different classes and prevents re-ignition which prevents further loss of life and property

What is Prevento® made up of?

Prevento® contains a unique combination of ingredients that forms a gel, prevents separation and re-ignition.

  • Super absorber (SAP)
  • Organic salts
  • Biocide
  • Hydrocolloid Stabilizer

Note: all the ingredients used in Prevento® are from the hygiene sector and food sector, which renders them harmless and environment friendly.

How Prevento® works

The SAP or super absorbers thicken the water, which enables the gel to stay longer on the burnt material. It gets converted into carbon dioxide and water by the UV radiations and fire. The Organic salts have a property of creating a layer that is impregnable. The impregnating attributes and the frost protection Is effective up to -4 deg F. Organic salts are natural organic elements and are easily degradable. Hydrocolloid stabilizer is an important ingredient in Prevento® as it permanently prevents the separation. It being a natural element, it bio-degrades easily.

Types of fire that can be extinguished with Prevento®

  • Wood, paper, cardboard, embers, rubber, plastic
  • Diesel, kerosene, engine oil, hydraulic oil, thermo-oils, benzene, transformer oils
  • Natural gas, acetylene, propane, butane, methane
  • Animal fats, vegetable fats and oils

The benefits of adding Prevento® to the fire extinguisher

  • Reduces the need of fire extinguisher water by 20 times
  • Easily bio-degradable
  • The combustibles get converted into flame retardant material
  • Creates a compact separating layer which has a cooling, coating and impregnating effect
  • The cooling is done below ignition point that prevents re-ignition or new ignitions
  • Impedes the influx of oxygen

Note: all the ingredients are from the hygiene and food sector that renders this product environment friendly and harmless

Where to use Prevento®

Prevento® can be applied as a protection to areas surrounding welding works where a spark may cause a fire.

Prevento® can be effectively used in households like for kitchen fires

Prevento® can efficiently control and douse automobile and boat engine fires

A transformer fire can be controlled with Prevento®

Prevento® Forest can be sprayed from the air or targeted from land to extinguish forest fires

Prevento® has proved highly beneficial for the military. Tire fires are easily and quickly extinguished on the armored and transport vehicles which were unmanageable.

Prevento® is a new and innovative approach to fight fires of Class A, B, C and F. It is highly efficient in fighting forest, rubber, oil and plastic fires which prevents further loss of life and property. Prevento® when added to the fire extinguisher forms a gel of the second generation. It forms an impregnable protective layer on solids or liquid.

Prevento® Forest

Prevento® Forest is an extremely efficient and innovative fire extinguisher additive for forest fires. It is product manufactured and developed by Febbex, Germany and distributed in USA, Canada and Mexico by Febbex North America.

What is Prevento® forest made up of?

Prevento® Forest is a combination of majorly five ingredients that form a super absorbing gelling agent to extinguish and control the forest fire.

  • Super absorber (SAP)
  • Organic salts
  • Biocide
  • Hydrocolloid stabilizer
  • Mica ( is added on request)

How Prevento® Forest works

The SAP is converted into water and CO2 by the UV radiations and fire. Hydrocolloid stabilizers and organic salts which are added in Prevento® Forest are readily degradable, organic natural substances. Biocide is a disinfectant that does not produce significant chemical changes. Mica is a natural mineral that can be added for white marking.

When Prevento® Forest is added to water, it forms a 2nd generation fire extinguishing gel which forms a coating on the solid materials and renders them impregnable.

Types of fire that can be extinguished with Prevento® Forest

· Wood

· Plants

· Paper

· Cardboard

· Elastomers like rubber

· Plastics like polyamide

· embers

The benefits of adding Prevento® Forest to the fire extinguisher

· converts the combustibles into flame retardant material

· prevents re-ignitions and new ignitions

· uses 20 times lesser water

· creates a compact protective layer

· impedes influx of oxygen

· creates a cooling surface layer and cools the gas/vapor below ignition point

· Non toxic

· Bio-degradable

How to use Prevento® Forest

Prevento® Forest is specifically designed for use to extinguish forest fires. Prevento® Forest can be applied terrestrially and aerially.

Terrestrial Forest Fire Fighting using Prevento® Forest

  • Prevent forest can be applied around the danger zones with normal or commercial equipment. It fire proofs the area, can be reactivated with water. In case of a fire, it lets the fire run its course or it diverts it to areas which has lesser burnable objects
  • Prevento® forest creates effective fire barriers around the area
  • It can be easily reactivated with water if it dries up
  • Spray Prevento® forest gel in about 50m strip around homes, trees and other combustibles

Aerial forest fire fighting using Prevento® Forest

  • Prevent forest can be applied alongside or outside the fire
  • Helicopters, being out of the danger zone can easily apply the product to the target zone
  • When Prevento® forest is sprayed from helicopters, 90% of the coherent droplets will reach the ground as opposed to only 5% of plain water
  • Aerial spraying can cover a larger area
  • Prevent forest can be safely applied to streets and homes as it is non toxic

Prevento® Forest is a fire extinguisher additive that can be safely used to extinguish and control the forest fires without harming the environment.

Prevento®® Solar

Prevento® Solar, a product of Febbex, Germany is developed and manufactured in Germany and distributed by Febbex North America in USA, Canada and Mexico. Prevento® Solar is an additive for fire extinguishers which can be specifically used on solar panels or any other smooth surface that is inclined. Prevento® Solar does not contain AFFF so is non-toxic, easily bio-degradable which protects and preserve the environment.

How Prevento® Solar works

Prevento® Solar is a water based gel that is easy to spray. It has very strong adhesive properties and high opacity. This makes it ideal for spraying on solar modules as it quickly covers the panel and stops the generation of power. The special ingredients used in the gel make it adhere to the inclined panel and covers the solar panel to stop power generation. This prevents further loss of life and property as the firemen can start their main job of fire extinguishing without being exposed to the hazard of electric hits due to the solar system.

Types of fire that can be extinguished with Prevento® Solar

  • Solar panel
  • In Military for dousing tire fires

The Benefit of adding Prevento® Solar

  • Quickly creates a protective, secure and efficient cover on solar panels
  • Prevento® solar is a water based spray fluid which form an even coating
  • Being highly opaque, cuts out the sun rays from reaching the solar panel fins
  • Prevents generation of solar power
  • Adheres to the smooth , inclined surface
  • Prevento® Solar does not peel off
  • The ingredients are non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Is frost resistant up to -10 degree C
  • Prevento® solar does not irritate the skin as it has a neutral pH
  • Is no corrosive and does not leave any residue or residual dirt
  • For a coat of 1–3 mm thickness, about 1–3 l/m2 is consumed

Prevento® Solar is an innovative fire extinguisher additive manufactured and developed by Febbex Germany. The Prevento® solar spray-gel when sprayed on the solar panel forms a coating which cuts off power generation and firemen can start their job of extinguishing the fire.

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