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Description of Prevento®

Prevento®10- 50% is an additive to an extinguishing agent for water or plain water, specifically developed for the fire classes A, B, C, F and additionally for highly flammable materials like rubber, plastics, oils, etc. With the appropriate concentration, the extinguishing capabilities, resistance and the impregnation effectiveness can be improved significantly.

The most important component of the Prevento® extinguishing agent is the combination of super absorbing (SAP, Super-Absorb-Polymer) gelling agents, organic salts from the food industry and of a hydrocolloid stabilizer to prevent separation.

What is the key difference compared with other gel extinguishing agents?

Other gel based extinguishing liquids, just stores the water and achieves a cooling effect on solid materials of up to 20 times better than plain water. However, once the water has evaporated after a short period of time or due to the temperature, the protection effect ceases. Seared gels become combustible. Other gelling agents cannot be mixed with water in advance, as they segregate and sediment and eventually clog fittings, and disable the firefighting equipment.

Gelling agents in powder form have a high tendency to clump together and to clog and therefore usable for the fire class A (solid fuel) only.

Liquid gelling agents also tend to clog equipment once in contact with water. Hence, complete discharge will not be possible. The cleaning of the equipment as well as the objects/surface will only be possible with an aggressive salt-water solution. This of course is time consuming and

not cost effective. Often times the extinguishing equipment is rendered useless because of these blockages and the fire continues to cause damage.

The Prevento® extinguishing agent consists of water, SAP and organic salts. Should the water, bound to the gel evaporate and/or dry up, it can be re-activated repeatedly by spraying water on the compound. Through this process the original gel structure with the protection capability is restored. Should the Prevento® extinguishing gel dry up completely, all affected areas are still protected against an auto ignition with the impregnated coating.

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