It’s all about drums

Today we celebrate the birthday of Larry Mullen Jr., the founder of U2.

I have a huge admiration for him. I think he’s so sweet and friendly, but I believe he “built” a shield as a protection to keep his life in private. That’s why some people may have a wrong impression. I think if I was famous like he is, I would probably do the same because it must be very awkward to be in touch with a lot of people you don’t know asking about your life, family, etc.

That’s one of things I really admire on Larry. He’s exactly the same person since when he wasn’t famous. He didn’t let the fame turn him in someone else. He has his roots in Ireland, the same friends from youthfulness and he loves Elvis Presley and football, like me.

I don’t know why I have a crush for drummers. It’s never been intentional. When I was kid, I watched “Help!” from The Beatles and I chose Ringo as my favorite member. I think it was because he was very funny in the film. Years later, I found out we share the same birthday. Also in my childhood, I loved Phil Collins. For me, he was like a “god”, who could sing and play drums at the same time. Then I grew up and worked for five years with a rock drummer. It was a great experience to work with something I love so much and that I dedicated years of my life studying. It was during that time that I won two awards as Best Blog in the Music category. I feel sorry that I couldn’t find another job in that area again. This damn crisis… Hey, if you have a job for me in the music business, send me an email please!

Back to Larry, I think he has a strong personality and he expresses it in a very powerful way. We can notice it in the sound of his drums; he leaves his mark. He’s not a guy of big solos, I guess that’s not his style, but he uses the techniques in a form we can recognize it’s him even without the lyrics or the guitar and bass of U2. “Sunday Bloody Sunday” is one of the best drums I’ve ever heard! His experience with the Artane Boys Band has contributed a lot to this military beat, which is, in my opinion, one of the greatest of all world.

Despite of saying he feels comfortable behind the drums, I love when he does backing vocals, plays bongo or works in solo projects and collaborations to produce albums. I appreciate when he surprises the fans doing something out of his comfort zone. Who could think he would be an actor? Music videos are very different, except “Electrical Storm” when he acted and we didn’t expect that. But making a film is much more complex and I guess he was very brave and courageous to take that risk in his career. Of course, that is not a priority, but I enjoy seeing him doing this kind of stuff.

Happy birthday, Larry! Thank you for U2! Love you!