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How to stake cosmos and as well prepare for airdrops that are coming on Secret #SCRT

I’ve been looking forward to this one. Here is a detailed guide in under 6 minutes of how to maximise future airdrop potential on the Cosmos with $1000. Hope it helps getting new people on board with this brilliant ecosystem.

A guide to maximising your Cosmos airdrops with $1000 in under six. This is intended for newbies and veterans alike. Here I show my methodology for obtaining the most airdrops for 1000USD in under 6 minutes. All feedback welc.

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Get the YouTube watch for more clarity




THINKIUM — All-around public blockchain network

Thinkium is an all-around public blockchain network, which achieves unlimited scalability at a linear cost by running through a multi-layer multi-chain structure.

Relationship with METAVERSE

The Thinkium network was born for the metaverse, it builds a true decentralized metaverse infrastructure, a stable, unified and trusted world for the metaverse.

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How to Download TKM wallet👇

Remember You can download TUKE

Wallet from here:

Android: bit.ly/3qZXYUS

10S: apple.co/3kYc98U

TKM is like ETH for Ethereum, for

e.g (TKM) is avaible only on HOO


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