[release] Addap’s 0.3.13


  • Added: Yandex and Baidu in the search engines options
  • Added: VK and RenRen in the Web-Apps shortcuts
  • Added: Open a link in a new cube when clicking with the middle-button
  • Added: New Addap’s settings cube
  • Added: Auto-login
  • Added: Various improvements in the User Profile
  • Changed: Images sizes are more adapted to the context and the device screen size
  • Fixed: Clicking on a favico in the right side tabulation was sometimes not working
  • Fixed: Changing Search Engine was making the Search Engine favico disapear
  • Fixed: Broken styles in the players
  • Fixed: App Version was not showing in the About pop-up
  • Fixed: Contact-Us form is cleaned after clicking on send

Download the latest version from https://www.addaps.com