No World For Straight Men

The disturbing truth behind the rise of LGBT and Asexuality

I want to start by expressing my love and solidarity to everyone who feels sexually confused. It’s quite hard not to be these days, when everything seems turned upside down: the traditional family is crumbling, religion has lost credibility, and waiting until marriage to have sex or being tied to one person for life have become utterly unrealistic options for most people in the developed world.

All of this is frankly perceived as a liberation by many women and homosexuals, who’ve been victim of absurd discriminations for centuries and are finally getting a chance to express themselves freely and pursue the life they’ve always dreamed.

For too long it has been a men’s world. Women were segregated at home, traded between the male patriarchs as expendable goods. Homosexuality was seen as a disease, and gay people had to hide their inclinations at the cost of losing their life. It’s hard to look back and not see an outrageous dark age we’re all glad to be over.

And yet the future doesn’t seem very promising either.

The ‘free love’ movement is shattered today into innumerable minorities, niches, groups, each with its own acronym and manifesto, and the only common trend is an overwhelming loss of sexual vigour and desire. The young generations in the rich world appear increasingly apathetic, alienated by an unhealthy use of technology and stressed-out by metropolitan lifestyles, largely incapable of establishing and maintaining a meaningful human relationship.

A 2013 survey by the Japan Family Planning Association (JFPA) found that 45% of Japanese women aged 16–24 “were not interested in or despised sexual contact”. More than a quarter of men felt the same way.

Meanwhile in the US, new research revealed that millennials are having significantly less sex than previous generations. Even if sex is glamourized like never before and hyper-sexualised content becomes easily accessible even to a younger public, it pretty obvious that our youth is experiencing a widespread ‘overdose symptom’. For many, sex has definitively lost its appeal, as Sam Wei, 26, told The Washington Post last week “there isn’t really anything magical about it” anymore.

In his book Liquid Love: On the Frailty of Human Bonds, sociologist Zygmund Bauman notes how in the age of mass-consumption even from love we expect the same as from our other purchases: novelty, variety, disposability. We want sex to be more like shopping, for it to be transparent and easily gratifying. But sadly, Bauman argues, sex isn’t. We are trying to make it into a technique to be mastered. But “Concentration on performance leaves no time or room for ecstasy,” he warns.

And so while on one hand viagra sales are on the rise and youporn fills our subconscious with unrealistic expectations, on the other a growing number of us is becoming sick of the whole damn thing, and is dropping it altogether from their lives. Unfortunately, this trend only adds onto already collapsing fertility rates and soaring percentages of childless women, with almost half of the american women between age 15 and 44 who never had kids.

Experts reassure us that there’s nothing surprising behind those numbers: caught between the economic recession, the cost of raising a child and the pressures of a professional career, for many women not having kids is simply “the most rational choice” left.

Men aren’t feeling any better. There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about the ongoing ‘masculinity crisis’: men are struggling to cope with new expectations that redefine their gender identity and social role. Many of them feel useless, redundant. Drug-addiction and depression rates are up, even if most males tend to avoid asking for help. Suicides rates are skyrocketing everywhere.

There’s also a related health emergency.

In 2008 documentary “The disappearing male”, one couple describes the waiting room at their infertility clinic as similar to an emergency room — packed with lines extending down the hall. Infertility is becoming a very common condition indeed: an estimated 1 in 6 American couples struggle with getting pregnant each year. Sperm counts have dropped so hard that the World Health organization had to repeatedly lower what is considered the ‘normal’ level, to avoid labeling too many men as sub-fertile. Testosterone, the male hormone, has also seen a substantial decrease in industrialized countries worldwide.

Even if the chemical lobby is denying all charges and the FDA has so far avoided to take a clear stance, there’s compelling scientific evidence that hormone-disrupting chemicals are partly to blame. The short movie explains how chemicals that may disrupt sperm count and quality have become pervasive in today’s world. They lurk in personal care products, food containers, medical tubing, toys and more. Bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalates are two of the most well known culprits.

Confronted with this data, it’s hard to understand why isn’t the government taking urgent pro-active measures to protect us from toxic compounds that are clearly damaging our reproductive system. Instead, millions of pounds of these chemicals are produced yearly and keep accumulating in our environment and inside our bodies. The question is: why?

Last year I came across a book named “Killing Us Softly”, by Canadian human-rights activist Kevin Galalae. It claimed that the current decline in fertility rates and rise in chronic diseases are the direct consequence of a “Global Depopulation Policy”, directed by no less than the United Nations and enforced worldwide by governments and corporations “to control population growth”.

At first I discarded it as just another ‘crazy conspiracy theory’. The internet these days is buzzing with all sorts of improbable conjectures involving alien bloodlines or satanic cabals supposedly in the business of enslaving humanity. But at a closer look, Galalae’s reasoning is fundamentally different. There’s nothing irrational in his accusations, and “pure evil” is not needed to explain the behavior of those involved.

Simply put, the world leaders had no other choice. In order to save humanity from itself, limit overpopulation and thus avoid war, famine and environmental disasters, the international governing structure had to quietly assume the role of enemy of mankind and “subvert the basic elements of life — water, food, beverages, and most recently air — into weapons of mass sterility and mass morbidity.”

As Paul R. Ehrlich, a prominent US biologist and environmentalist of the time, candidly admitted in The Population Bomb (1968), the only realistic way to stop the cancerous growth of human population was to impose “compulsory birth regulation… [through] the addition of temporary sterilants to water supplies or staple food. Doses of the antidote would be carefully rationed by the government to produce the desired family size”.

Take the case of Fluoride, for example. Most of the anti-fluoridation campaigns focus on its adverse psychological effects, from the Harvard paper that shows a decrease in IQ levels to the claim that fluoride calcifies the pineal gland and inhibits spiritual thinking. Most conspiracy theorists deduce an evil plot against human consciousness, something that could be attributed only to some occult masonic group with dark fantasies of world domination. Their explanations as to how this group could be in such a position of power to dictate the policies of the UN and its agencies are quite beyond far-fetched, and that’s why most people have a hard time believing them.

But Galalae has another explanation. In 1945, fluoride was the only tried and tested fertility-depressing agent on the market. Both the nazis and the soviets had used it in their concentration camps and had found it to be extremely effective in sterilizing both men and women. That is why fluoride was chosen by the Allied powers as the first weapon of the depopulation arsenal and Japan, who had just unconditionally surrendered, was designated as the ideal testing ground:

“In the cities, fluoride was put in the drinking water at every water treatment plant while in the country fluoride pills were distributed along with food rations. […] Germany and Italy, the other two major Axis Powers, were subjected to similar population control measures as a result of which they now occupy the unenviable second and third place on the list of nations with the most aged populations in the world. […] The Axis Powers served the Allies as guinea pigs and the lessons learned on the citizens of these nations were soon applied on the citizens of the Allied Powers themselves” and the rest of the world.

Coming back to the present, it’s now easy to understand why the World Health Organization officially considers fluoride innocuous and recommends its regular use in toothpaste, water and salt for its “beneficial effects on oral health”, despite its well proven endocrine-disrupting effects and its numerous neurological side-effects. The establishment wants 90% of humans off the face of the earth and the only civilized way to do so is to sterilize the population by all means possible, even if it makes us sick and retarded at the same time. If you think about it, that’s exactly the way we behave with our pets in our homes, or vets deal with stray animals in our cities.

The disturbing truth is that what many people have come to see as a liberation from oppressing cultural norms, is largely the result of deliberate chemical poisoning and psycho-social warfare waged by a shadow international government against human fertility and the family structure.

After 70 years of this soft-genocide, humanity bears all the signs of a species in mortal decline. Our genetic heritage is degraded, our intellectual faculties corrupted, our survival instincts atrophied, our emphatic bonds subverted. We live meaningless lives in overcrowded cities, and we have come to fear and hate our neighbors. Like slaves who believe they are free, most of us have stopped dreaming of escape and are quite happy of the food and entertainment provided.

For those who still care enough to worry about the future, the most optimistic cultural option is to join the Transhumanists (for whom the human body, mind and feelings are obsolete and should be replaced by robotics and artificial intelligence), while the pessimists may enlist with the Near-Term Extinction Movement, which calls for the voluntary extinction of mankind. From the environmental think-thanks, this radical pessimism has begun to percolate into the mainstream, with the release of Roy Scranton’s anticipated new book “Learning to Die in the Anthropocene”, where the author explains in detail how to surrender your last vital impulses.

As for myself, I’m not giving up.

I have determined that my allegiance is to life.

The most compelling reason is that I am life. We are life. Our most basic drive in this universe is to act in such a way so as to perpetuate our species and life as whole. In a strictly evolutionary sense, this is what we are born to do.

Humanity is only a branch of the tree of life, and a quite a young one too. Instead of contemplating suicide, we should learn how to mature and bear fruits. Our potential, and not only the destructive one, is enormous. We must shift our focus from fear to love, and create a world of peace and freedom that works for everyone, including the future generations. Let’s not fool ourselves: ‘Free love’ isn’t opportunistic love where each person thinks first about him/herself. Free love is love free from egoistical interests, love for life without conditions, without asking for reward, as the love of a mother for its children.

For this reason I wrote this article and I’m reaching out to you. I believe it’s our duty to wake each other up, and take responsibility for what is going on. Our generation must lead humanity out of this mess, and the first step is to face the truth, as disturbing as it may be. The second is to get organized, and start working together towards a common future.

1. Expose the culture of death and secrecy that is suffocating our world,
2. Give birth to an alternative culture of life.

This is the mission of the People’s Protection Force, an organization founded in 2012 which has already published volumes of groundbreaking research every pro-life activist should become acquainted with. All the research is freely available online, and you’re welcome to read, copy and share it with your family and friends.

The PPF is now gearing up. We want to start translating knowledge into action, and the idea is to set up a worldwide grassroots network to stop depopulation and put some pressure on the elites. The people are confused and divided, but they sense something is wrong. If we play our cards well, we have the chance to expose the biggest scandal in human history, reverse the damage done and open the way to a new constituent phase. Are you up to the challenge?

Join the awakening!

Become a member of the People’s Protection Force today.

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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead