How to AB test your App Store assets

Fede Behrens
Jan 27 · 3 min read

About ASO Giraffe

With ASO Giraffe you can get a full HTML version of your App Store page, and run AB testing using free tools like Google Optimize. If you find this useful, check us out!

Improve your organic search performance, and your conversion from performance advertising. It’s self service, so you won’t need to pay a bomb or be tied into contracts for months on end.

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Building an App Store AB test with ASO Giraffe

So what does ASO Giraffe do?

In essence, we recreate your App Store listing as an HTML page so that you can run AB tests on it.

Why do I need it?

Currently you can’t run AB tests on users that visit your App Store page, the closest you can get is running AB tests on Apple Search Ads, or on your Google Play listing (though these leave a lot to be desired in terms of analytics).

How is ASO Giraffe different?

Unlike other players, we don’t tie you into 3 month contracts or charge a huge bomb for ‘consultancy’ fees on top of our base product. We also don’t get involved in the AB testing part of things, because it’s expensive and other tools do it better (you might even be using an AB testing tool already, so why pay twice?)

Okay, I’m convinced. Let’s get started shall we?


Then, just test your page and send traffic to it and you’ll be able to learn which assets converts best!

Get in touch via the comments or our site chat if you have any questions!

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