A letter to illiterate people:

Fuck you.

(Well, not really you, it’s just that you don’t know what I’m saying so I can blow off some steam. That ‘fuck you’ was in fact for **** but you know, I can’t just say that to h** face. H** fucking face. So, sorry illiterate person, I have nothing against you. I feel bad, it’s a tragedy you can’t read. I hope none of your friends are reading this to you. Because it’s gonna get nastier.)

Fuck you, you fake fuck. Fuck your body and fuck your soul if you have one. Fuck your everything. You’re the worst kind of garbage I’ve seen in my life.

(so sorry guys, really)

You disgusting, useless, piece of shit. Why don’t you go jump off a medium-size-building so you get very badly injured and suffer for several years til death is the best option you can think of.

(not you guys, you guys are cool)

You’re worst than rapists, than Nazis, than those thieves who steal old ladies’ purses. Your type should be incarcerated, sent to an island you can never escape or just wiped off the –oh, your phone died and you couldn’t answer, ok. Hi :)