360 video script

Like every film, also a 360 video needs a script. However for VR filmmaking, we already know, we need a different approach: because we can’t direct the viewer attention in the classic way, this kind of script will consider each side of the video, either vertically or horizontally.

In my video there aren’t characters, but the user can hear the voice of the narrator (which probably will be in 8K format). And there will be also an animation that follows the narration. To visualize everything, I wrote down a script in which the order is based on the animation.


Dirty and empty room with just a mattress and a sleeping bag. Traffic noise and some chit chat sounds come from outside the room. Just a few wine and beer bottles and traces of drugs adorn the room.

Q1 - Scene 1 — Spotlight on mattress with drugs

0 to 5 sec: Organic sounds: lighter, breathing and needle on plate

5 to 30 sec: “Bruised, Abused and confused

Already sleeping rough

I found my life on the line

Got offered a place to sleep

By a well-wisher to earn my keep

Now I will be safe or so I thought

My new home was a trap house

Where my liberty was taken

I became like a mule

Loaded with drugs for selling”

Q2 - Scene 2 — Spotlight on door

30 to 35 sec: Organic sounds: footsteps

35 to 40 sec: “My trauma like a never ending drama

Caused me to sink into depression

So I look to manage my pains

With drinking, smoking and drugs”

Q3 - Scene 3 — Spotlight on wine bottles

40 to 45 sec: Organic sounds: lighter, bottles

45 to 60 sec:“I have become a nonentity

Needing the restoration of my true identity

The future looks bleak

But I hope someone will help me escape”

70 to 90 sec: Audio credits with UAL and Children’s Society Logos.