Stop Just Watching TV-Series, Start Analysing Them!

How 13 Reasons Why Changed How I Watch TVSeries.

How we spend our precious time

Today most of us have access to the internet and therefor we can watch anything we want, and whenever we want it on the world wide web. This is amazing right? Actually, I think this is actually a problem. We want to watch everything, know everything and be everywhere, but our attention is limited.

Instead of just watching different tv series and multitasking, by using our phone, at the same time, we should all start to focus more on focus on one task at a time in order to give it a meaning, a deep value and that way we could help solve the feeling of being unsatisfied that we all have after we binge watch Netflix for hours.

The Solution

The solution is really simple: it is about analysing the shows you watch, to understand them,and to learn from them. It’s not just about focusing on what you are doing, because to be honest watching a movie or a tv series is not really difficult. But it’s about understanding the deep meaning of what the series wants to tell us and relating it to our everyday life, and hopefully also learning from it.

Usually when I watch tv series I’m full in, it takes me around two hours to watch an episode with my friends because we keep stopping the video in order to analyse and relate what happens in the programme to our lives. We analyse behaviours, and improve our own by seeing the mistakes, and bad traits that the characters make and have in the shows.

How I Changed My Behaviour

I want to illustrate how the tv-series “13 Reasons Why” made me think about many things that go wrong in our society and how it affected my view on life and my behaviours, and how thanks to this I changed and realized the difference between just watching something superficially and then understanding the deeper meaning behind things.

The first episodes were ,yes interesting, but I didn’t really like most of the characters, I almost got annoyed by their behaviours and didn’t really want to continue watching. The story was nice but I thought that the main character Hannah Baker (the girl that committed suicide and recorded the 13 tapes) was really selfish and exaggerated. I also didn’t really like the other main character, Clay, since I thought he was completely overreacting. I mean what happened in this first seasons was a completely different from my own high school experience. Because I grew up in Europe I didn’t know what high schools in the USA are like. I just knew that from the typical american movies, with the “cool” sports guys, the cheerleaders, the nerds, the new girl/boy, the “looser”kid…

I always just saw the usual dynamics and small fights but never really thought more about the characters and how the American high school dynamic with the football guys and cheerleader girls, would affect someone in real life. Until I analysed the deeper psychological behaviours of the characters.

My Personal, Deep, Psychological, Interpretation of 13 Reasons Why

Now coming back to my behaviour change! My best friend forced me to keep watching the series. So what happened was that I, but also my friends, kept stopping the video to comment and give our opinion. We took literally around three hours to watch one episode that was less then one hour long…and then we kept doing it with all the following episodes.

Once the first seasons was done I realised that I changed my point of view about many subjects. “13 Reasons Why” covers instances of bullying, sexual harassment, slut-shaming, rumours, and rape. It made me aware that there is not enough attention given to teenage suicide. But overall, it made me aware of how today’s society is not a community. Everyone lives for themselves and does what is better for them without really thinking about what the other people around feel. I’m not saying you should put away your happiness to make others feel good, but we all need to do what is good for us without hurting others. I happens to everyone…we all sometimes a bad day. We don’t know what other people are going through and we all need to learn to use more kindness in our lives and listen more to others.

What happened in “13 Reasons Why” is called a slippery slope fallacy, it’s a chain of events that go wrong and that lead to Hannah Baker committing suicide. There was a lack of expressing feelings and communicating clearly to and with each other, without assuming things.

Go an Apply This to Your Favourite Tv-Series

TV-Series are awesome but if we are really honest it’s a waste of time to just sit in front of your screen watching Netflix whilst you are tagging your friends in memes on facebook, and it is especially a waste of productive time if we just watch them without seeing any deeper meaning. We need to find a meaning in what we watch and use it to improve ourselves and learn from it… Other wise, lets be honest, we could invest our precious time in other things, like reading a book, or going out with our friends.

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