iOS Event tracking and analytics with JustTrack

JustTrack by Just Eat


Main features

  • Events are declared in a .plist file and the Swift code is automatically generated at build time from it.
  • Events can be sent to multiple destinations (called Trackers) at the same time.
  • Custom Trackers are easy to create and use.
  • Immediate or batch dispatch are supported.

Events Definition

This Swift code is generated automatically
  • Each event is uniquely identified.
  • The event payload is type checked.
  • When the requirements for an event change, the developers can see it through build errors and warnings that will automatically occur.
  • The .plist files can be edited as XML which means anybody in the business can edit them.
  • It’s easy to search for events that are no longer used. Using a deleted event won’t compile.
  • Name: the unique identifier.
  • Registered Trackers: a list of event destinations (e.g. Google Analytics).
  • Payload: the metadata associated with the event (at this time only string key-value pairs are supported).


A simple JETracker implementation




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