KML, KMZ and GPX file conversion using Shortcuts on macOS

If you work with GPS data files like

  • GPX
  • KML
  • KMZ (One or more zipped KML files plus resources)

You may know the pain of converting one in another.

In my specific workflow I needed to convert KMZ files exported from Google my maps to GPX files viewable on my Garmin GPS and OsmAnd app on my phone.

So I created these macOS Shortcuts


Selecting one or more KMZ files this shortcut extract the archive, move and rename the inner KMLs


As the above but then converts the KMLs in GPX files using GPSBabel as command line tool.

With the same approach is possible to create virtually all combinations of conversions supported by GPSBabel.




iOS & macOS Engineer, technology and nature enthusiast.

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