Releasing AppInfoFetcher

Some time ago I found myself needing to fetch all available metadata about a given iOS application knowing only the app bundle identifier from within an iOS and macOS app.

I created AppInfoFetcher, a simple and easy to use Swift library to perform metadata lookup for iOS apps published on the Apple App Store.

Starting from an app’s bundle identifier, the library returns all the application’s metadata in a complete and typed model.

The example project fetching all Instagram’s metadata

A few advantages of AppInfoFetcher:


let bundleID = "com.burbn.instagram"AppInfoFetcher().fetchInfo(bundleIdentifier: bundleID, useCache: true, countryCode: "GB") { result inswitch result {case.success(let appsInfo):// Use the array of AppInfo herecase .failure(let error):print(error)}}

The library is available as Swift Package or Cocoapod and the code can be found on GitLab.

For detailed info please refer to the project README



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