WARNING: You must read this and take action immediately

You are walking in the street listening to great music and suddenly you see her, you stop hearing the music and any thought that were running throw your head, you are starstruck.

That first moment is amazing and pure but after only 1 second your mind starts making all this excuses not to approach her and see what she is all about.

The funny thing is that our brains are so damn intelligent that they can come up with any excuse not to feel bad for not taking action.

The cold fact truth is that you are a pussy and didn’t had the balls to take your future in your hands and even worst, rationalized or justified not approaching as good thing for whatever reason you came up.

Now, I know that I’m not being friendly but the objective of this post is to generate you so much pain that it would be more painful not to take action than doing it.

When you can leverage the pain and pleasure rewards, men… you’ve found the holy grail to have the proper foundations to stick till the end and have the results that you desired.

As some of you, years ago I used to be socially good and have girls that wanted to be with me. Sadly, they weren’t the ones that I wanted and believe me, they were really perfect but they weren’t the 10 that I couldn’t stop looking.

Now, what I want you to do is to eliminate all the excuses and start taking action. This will be hard and painful, rejection is a sure thing.

The key is to do this with the end in mind and with this I mean becoming the man that women desire to be and not in just be focused in taking her phone number (being outcome dependent) for the instant pleasure and feeling of acceptance.

With the real goal set for yourself, you’ll get results.

A good technique I use when I want to do something and the fear of doing it paralyzes me, is to take a deep breath from my belly, hold a second , clear my mind and at the same time you exhale, take immediate action.

This will allow you to clear your mind and relax so you can act without your mental blocks.

This is written with the purpose of getting girls but is applicable to any area of your life.

Now is your turn, leave a comment down below about how you’re going to start taking action in this specific area. Better yet, share this with a friend and both take a challenge, holding yourselves accountable.

I want to know how committed you are!

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