Invite the bell

The sound of the bell has been punctuating the daily life of monastic and lay communities for centuries.

Inviting a little bell, when calmly concentrating on some important issue, when starting a meeting or a discussion or simply when you want to enjoy a moment of peace and relaxation, is a very useful practice.

I encourage you to invite the bell at home, in your office, together wit your family, with your colleagues or alone.

Here is how it goes.

1. Get prepared, calm down, focus on breathing in and out. Allow your mind and your body to enjoy the present moment.

2. Touch gently the bell and produce an “half sound”: this signals that a full sound of the bell is here to come. It allows your body and mind to relax, recognize each other and become one.

3. Invite the bell: you can fully enjoy the sound, in deep concentration. Focus on your breath only: breathing in be aware you are breathing in, breathing out, be aware you are breathing out. Dwell in the present moment. Take refuge in the island inside of you.

When you listen to the sound of a bell, you may want to stop and silently repeat this mantra while breathing in and out:

Listen, listen, listen.

The wonderful sound of the bell

brings me back to my true home.

Bring a little bell in your bag and enjoy.

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