Set up snapshot and restore functionalities on Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch 7.x snapshot and restore your cluster on AWS S3
Elasticsearch 7.x snapshot and restore your cluster on AWS S3
Elasticsearch Backup — Snapshot and Restore on AWS S3

In 2016 I wrote an Article about Elasticsearch Backup, it had and still has quite good interests from people. I decided to start a new series of articles with the Backup topic as the main argument.

The old article covered Snapshot & Restore functionalities based on Elasticsearch 2.4.x and the upcoming version, the 5.0. As it was 4 years ago I choose to refresh this tutorial and making it the first of a series of more.

I will prepare a small article on how to use the snapshot & restore functionality with different cloud-provider. This article is based on Elasticsearch…

series : Elasticsearch 6.0 is coming

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Disclaimer : Elasticsearch 6.0 is not yet released so please use it carefully for sure NOT in a production environment. This article is intended for testing and understanding the new improvements from ES 6.0. 

What are Elasticsearch Types ?

A Type in Elasticsearch is so defined : “A type in Elasticsearch represent a class of similar documents”. It’s a logical aggregation we can use to identify clusters of similar documents. There was an official document which used to compare relational Databases to Elasticsearch Indices:

  1. Indices are similar to Databases/Schemas
  2. Types are compared in the DB Relational “world” to as…

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PHP Elasticsearch client Elastica →

Two friends, two software engineers, two nerds… simply name them Albert and John.

Albert : “Elasticsearch 5.0 is out, so you should start testing your environment to check if it could work with this new major release of the Elastic Stack…I’m so excited to check it out the news about that”

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Amazon AWS + Smartphone video upload + AWS Lambda

How to create a ready-to-use application where users can upload video contents with ease, without a lot of effort ? I needed to find a solution to allow our mobile App submitting video taken with the mobile’s camera.

The idea is to allow a user to create a video, max 1 minute , and upload it on our servers, which are on Amazon AWS. We didn’t know if this could be a good idea or not, we need to validate the idea I didn’t want to spend a lot of effort on the first release.

Our story & Our need : Aws Lambda

After a while I quickly…

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19th of October 2016–14:30PM

Hi everyone :) for all the people coming from the web … you’ll find a blank page … I know it and I beg your pardon … The only way for me to publish articles is to schedule them, and this will force me writing stuff… otherwise I will postpone them indefinitely… So I forget I had this simple tutorial scheduled for today. It’s a simple one, but is a thing a faced recently so why not sharing ?

In a couple of hours will be available on Medium,

19th of October 2016–15:00PM

PHP and version updates


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your datacenter :=)

Postfix is a MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) which is used to route and deliver email on a Linux system. Postfix is one of the most used smtp server in Internet.

Postfix is fast and efficient.

What is a relay server ?

A relay server is a server which postfix delegate to send email. In this case postfix receive emails and just forward them to the so called ‘smarthost’. This kind of configuration is called Satellite System.

This type of configuration is really interesting especially if you have a large internet website that uses many services which need to send emails. …

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Mexico - Punta Pajaros


Developer means a lot of things :

curious, smart, friendly, nerd, open minded, love the challenge, tech inside and much much more :=)

The first big picture is not a “tech” picture but it’s a place where I live when I was 21… the second one is a shoot of one of my passion which is techy inside and really Nerdy … That’s me .. technology and travelling.

Federico Panini

Entrepreneur, Coder, Head of Development @motorK

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