Have fun! otherwise, you are fired!

Business leaders say they are always having tons of fun at work. During meetings and company workshops, employees are urged to have fun. At the workplace, we are all supposed to look happy, and those who do not, are frowned upon and risk getting labeled as having poor leadership or employee engagement skills. Several innovative companies operate on four different bottom lines: financial, social, environmental, and fun goals! Laugh or risk your job!

Even assuming that from time to time one experiences fun in what she does, having fun may not be a good indicator of self-realization, peace of mind or happiness. Fun provides amusement through playful, often boisterous activity, which is externally induced, and most of the times, for a short duration. We cannot feel fun, we can just do fun things, and thus we depend on external factors. Moreover, when these fun moments subside, a feeling of emptiness remains. As the effects of legally or illegally recreational drugs, happy moments become increasingly harder to obtain, and shorter in duration. Many business leaders may risk falling into ridicule when they desperately try to fire up audiences during a presentation.

What if instead of seeking to have fun we look for feeling pleasure?

Feeling pleasure is an internal condition of the mind that needs no external inducement. One is content with what one does in that present moment, and there is no reason to have a motivational leader for inspiration or amusement.

The pursuit and attainment of excellence in what one does will reward us with the joy of feeling pleasure, regardless of positive feedbacks, promotions, pats on the back, and lots of hysterical laughs.

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