How to upload a game on Elixir

Federico Spitaleri
Oct 10 · 3 min read


Elixir is a new gaming platform by Satoshis Games where indie developers can:

  • distribute their desktop games (like on Steam and;
  • run crowdfunding campaigns (collecting Bitcoin or fiat currencies like € and $);
  • sell their games in exchange of Bitcoin or fiat currencies;
  • integrate their games with Bitcoin micro-transactions via Lightning Network using APItoshi (whose dashboard is directly accessible from Elixir).

How to upload a game on Elixir

Uploading a game on Elixir is easy and fast, it only takes few minutes. Let’s go through the process of uploading a game:

  1. Go to the account creation window. You’ll see the following page:
“Create account” page

All you have to do is filling out the blank fields and click on sign up. You’ll be redirected to your user profile page.

2. Fill out your user profile page

“User profile” page

Write a nice and short description of your-self, create a username, enter your Twitter and your website’s domain. Don’t forget to upload a profile picture too.

After filling out the user profile page, press on “UPDATE” and then go to the “GAMES” page from the menu bar on the left side of the screen.

3. Games page

“Games” page

Once you are on the “GAMES” page click on “+ ADD NEW”.

This is what you’ll see:

“Add a new game” page

What you have to do now is filling out the details about your game (title, headline, YouTube/Vimeo link of the video trailer, category, description and selling price . After doing that, click on “NEXT”.

You are now in the “Game settings” page:

“Game settings” page

All you have to do here is filling out the page with information about minimum and recommended settings about your game (OS, CPU, RAM, GPU, HDD). We currently support the following OS: Windows, Mac, Linux.

Once you’ve filled out the settings, click on “NEXT” again.

You are now in the “Game’s social media” page:

“Game’s social media” page

Here you have to fill out the blank fields with the links to the game’s social media pages (they should be the social media you created to advertise your game, not your personal social media pages). After providing the social media links, click on “NEXT”.

“Upload game” page

You are now in the “Upload game” page. Here you have to upload some pictures of your game and the game files. After doing that, click on “FINISH”. The process ended and you can see your game in the home page of Elixir.


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Federico Spitaleri

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Co-founder at Satoshis Games

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