A Relationship called Batman

This is probably one of the best things I’m ever gonna write. Would be my smartest reference ever. And funny too. Not now, maybe after some days or months in the future.
A relationship is like Batman. He is awesome. There are gonna be easy days with petty criminals. And then there will be days with nasty ones too. It’ll be awesome and hard at times. There are gonna be days like scarecrow where it’ll be hard to believe what batman sees. Days like Ra’s al Ghul where what he learns will be against him. And days like the Joker where Batman’s sanity and morality is questioned. Days where Batman will have no purpose at all. And days like Bane where he’ll be completely broken, crippled and thrown aside.
But being broken and down is not what Batman is defined by. What defines Batman is the way he comes back from the broken. And one day Batman will even beat Superman to shit, even at his old age. Now that is awesome!
And just like Batman can never give up, you can never give up on the other one. Because it is necessary. Because it is the right thing to do. Because if he gives up then Gotham will miss the most amazing thing that’ll ever happen to it.