Giulio Regeni and the others (a multimedia story about enforced disappearances in Egypt)

“What happened to Giulio is not an isolated case,” stressed his mother, Paola Regeni. Egyptian activists have been saying this ever since the discovery of his body, which showed clear signs of torture, while the government in Cairo denies that its secret services are involved in systematic abductions. The truth about Giulio has not yet emerged, but his death has brought the phenomenon of enforced disappearances to public attention.

“In international law, the term refers to people arrested by the police or plainclothes officers and taken to detention centres — both official and otherwise -, where they are held incommunicado, without appearing before a judge,” explained Riccardo Noury of Amnesty International.

The Corriere della Sera has decided to publish online the names of the Egyptian victims of enforced disappearances since August 2015. The total of disappearances amounts to 533, and 396 of them are still unaccounted for.

The multimedia story is being updated constantly.

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