Is it okay for a boy/girl….?

That question ^ is a product of our society. Or to be exact that we still have a lot of room to grow as a society and Human species in general.

The question that somebody asked was this: “Is it okay, if a boy wears a purse?” Normally people consider purses to be made for girls, right? That’s what our social norm, dictates us. Mostly women use them and it’s a part of their “look”, “fashion” so to speak. But let’s look at a purse from practical point of view. Their quite handy, if you need to pull a thing out you just unzip it, reach with your hand and that’s it. It’s a really practical thing, unlike a backpack where you have take it off, unzip, take a thing out then put it back. From rational point of view purses are more practical, because you can easily get a thing you need.

So why shouldn’t everyone wear a purse? From practical point of view this thing works just fine, but what we established as “social norm” disables us from using them. Because then we would stand out, be different from “normal”. You’ll get this feeling of being judged by others and that feeling can stop you from doing things.

Ok, what about other society “norms”. “Is it okay for a girl to have short hair?”, “Is it okay for a boy to wear a dress, or put on makeup?”. Having short hair is more practical, it doesn’t get in you face and eyes. Putting on chemicals onto your face can make you look better. These so called “norms” were established to us, since early childhood, just asking these question seems weird to you. Because yet again you don’t think actual practical implication of those things, but instead focus on being afraid of society.

As children we are taught certain things MUST BE DONE in this way and this way only. Children are amazing, because their like empty glasses, who are begging you “fill me up”. They have this natural curiosity towards everything! Their brains are natural learning machines, they grab all of the information around them, trying to make sense of it.

But yet again, social norm steps in. Modern education system, that suppose to amplify your learning instead — suppresses it. For example first day in kindergarten, there are cupboards everywhere you want to find out what’s in them, but you’re not allowed to open them, you can only do what everyone else is doing at that time. You are being stoped, you have an idea, but your told — NO. You only can follow this one little labyrinth maze, you have to go on the same track as everyone else.

Intelligence in our schools is defined always having the same answer as everyone else. You go home watch the same news show, you come back and talk about current events, you all say the same thing and not one person says no that doesn’t make sense to me. Not one person is taught to think for themselves or that’s called not intelligence.

We are taught how to calculate when 2 boats will meet on a river, river’s flowing 5 km/hour. We should teach kids to raise their hand and say NO, that wouldn’t work, you can’t predict that water will be exactly 5 km/hour, there’s gonna be wind and other factors. Why don’t we teach to think about these things a little bit, why don’t we teach to be skeptical a bit, we don’t teach that way. We teach come up with the same answer as everyone else would. Be one in a billion!

From the same corrupt education comes, sexual discrimination. As a boy you can only do “BOY” things, and as a girl you can only do “GIRL” things. Boys have to play with RC cars and girls have to play with dolls. WHY? We are taught that if your reproduction organ is located on the inside, instead of outside that somehow impacts where you stand in society. It comes from simple things like consumerism (clothes, fashion, things) and grows more further into our work. You can’t be a boy dressmaker, you can’t be a girl mechanic.

Social imprinting dictates that it’s wrong, because we didn’t learn our lesson about THINKING for yourself, instead relying onto build up stereotypes. Instead of showing that being unique and different is great, society punishes us for doing so.

When people say you didn’t learn to think, I think that education system just untaught you to think, because of it’s major design flaw.

That example with purses, dresses and makeup, also grows into the way we solve problems. When we get a “puzzle”, “task”, whatever, some people just say I can’t do it. Even before they start thinking about. They were untaught to think, they can’t critically think, because society once again said that some things ARE “HARD” and because it’s “hard” I’m not gonna solve it.

But there are people, who are misfits, crazy ones, trouble makers, round pegs in square holes. They disobey the rules and challenge the status quo. You can’t ignore them, because they change things, push us all forward by bending the norm.

If you’ll take away one lesson from this article, then let it be this — think for yourself (as in use your own brain), be unique, be different and never be afraid to experiment. Your life is a canvas and your a painter. Don’t be afraid to paint your life, challenge yourself and others around you. Change the society by changing yourself first!