Why I chose RL

Hello! I’m Fedor Bobylev student, software developer and all around geeky person. This is my story about a place called Rusanovsky Lyceum. RL is not just an ordinary high school, it was a place where I grew up and became a man I’m today (it’s sound cheesy, but it’s true).

Since early childhood I was fascinated with computers and everything related to technology. I took apart old electronics, dug around for hours in windows control panel and played around with software trying to understand how all of that worked and piece together a puzzle. RL was a place that enabled me to reach my great goals in life. Before I get to the main question why RL, let’s get one of the side concepts out of the way first.

Why mathematics? Math is not just letters and numbers. When studying mathematics you develop this mindset that allows you to tackle wide variety of problems. Math isn’t hard, it’s challenging. Just because you think something is hard, doesn’t mean it’s actually hard.

At core level it makes you think (a lot) about some abstract problem, tackle it in different and systematic ways. This problem might be miserable in grand scale of things, but the core of it is thinking. A guy called Thomas Edison once said this:

Five percent of the people think; 
ten percent of the people think they think; 
and the other eighty-five percent would rather die than think.

Essentially what I’m try to say is that mathematics teach us how to think critically and how to be more effective and efficient. Still not convinced, then listen to this.

Why RL? At it’s heart answer to the question is simple — people. Nowhere in this country you’ll get people as great as they have in RL. It’s not just teachers, it’s also students. You’ll get what they call 24/7 support, you bring questions, teachers and students got answers and are always willing to help with any problems you might be having. You can take a chance to participate in great Ukrainian wide events like math battles, small academy of science and develop soft skills required in read world. You’ll form great friendships and get memories that will last with you for the rest of your life.

If you not only want to learn math, but be a well educated person and just plain old have fun then come to RL! Believe me I’ve walked that path and it is incredible. You will acquire necessary mindset that will help you in college and future life.

The most important lesson I’ve learned in RL (sort of): there’s nothing in this life that is unsolvable. Always do, your actions define you, you might fail but don’t let that stop you. Be different and unique, always stay yourself and then right doors will open up at the right time.