I once had a domain bought from GoDaddy and used it with my Gmail account. Specifically I was able to:

  1. Get emails sent to in my Gmail (email forwarding)
  2. Sent emails from via Gmail

All free of charge (except of domain itself). You can still do it now, but it’s not that straightforward.

GoDaddy gives 100 free email forwarding, but this service is not enabled by default. If you don’t know about this you’d go to email setup and godaddy will offer you to buy monthly plan (well done godaddy, so user friendly 👍).

Anyway, follow instructions below:

The way configurations organised (in Node.js) is broken

The Problem 😕

Let’s look at config NPM package.

Thousand people can’t be wrong, right?

config suggests to break configuration in separate files based on environment: config/default.json, config/production.json, etc. Based on NODE_ENV value production configuration may overwrite default.

Configuration usually have data for resources you need to initialize separately (database, cache). You will do so in application startup script.

config seems like a good example of separation of concerns principle.

  1. Environment specific files
  2. Resources initialization is separate from config itself

However, it is a bad way to separate concerns.

The value of separation of concerns is simplifying development and maintenance of computer programs. …

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