GSoC 2019 — Community Bonding Period

Artem Fedoskin
May 29 · 4 min read
All the magic happens here 🙂

So, the first major stage of our Google Summer of Code journey comes to the end! In this post, I would like to talk about some of the stuff that I have done during this time and details of work done on the project will be discussed in the next post.

Initially, I wanted to publish a new blog post every Sunday, but frankly speaking, I spent these weeks thinking about the structure of the project and experimenting with different approaches. By now I have finally agreed with myself and my mentor on the structure of the project, which will be done in Python and C++. From now on, I will post to my blog on a regular basis, showing what I have done during the week.

Community Stuff 🎇

Apart from project-related things, I have created a Facebook group and Telegram conference for GSoC 2019 students. During my GSoC 2016 journey we had a Facebook group where we could discuss program-related stuff, our projects, share the pain and give advises to each other. This year I decided to invest a bit in my social skills 😎 as handling FB group should be an interesting experience that I have never had. Everyday I accept new members and it is amazing to see how the idea that good software should be available to everybody unites people from all over the world.

643 members and counting!

Release of CCExtractor 0.88 🎉

Last week we had a major event at CCExtractor, namely the release of CCExtractor 0.88! I am happy to say that this release contains several of my PR’s (namely 3 fixes and 2 new features). While familiarizing myself with CCExtractor’s codebase I made several small fixes and added support for EIA-608 and DVB subtitles inside .mkv video files, which, frankly speaking, required to me spend most of the March on researching and implementing as I was really new to the field of video formats, containers and various types of subtitles. Seeing how things you have created help other people is one of the biggest pleasures that stems from our altruistic beginnings as humans.

During the Community Bonding Period, I fixed a bug with Russian symbols that was filed by our colleagues from Red Hen Lab. Also, I was made a member of CCExtractor GSoC team! That is my first team on GitHub and definitely, I will continue to contribute to CCExtractor. What I particularly like about CCExtractor is that we are learning not only hard skills but also soft skills — I really like the friendly atmosphere in organization and support that we are getting from the org.

Time for Surprises 🎁

And here comes one of the proofs why CCExtractor Development is a great organization to be a part of! As CCExtractor’s website says — every student gets a programming book upon acceptance to GSoC. This time, we were asked to choose it on our own and I got one of the fundamental Deep Learning books, written by such prominent DL researches as Ian Goodfellow and Yoshua Bengio. I already had exposure to Deep Learning methods in online courses as well as at my university and this book is a very good contribution to my library.

Red guy is here to make sure that I keep studying Deep Learning

Coding Period Begins 🏁

Finally, the official coding period begins (though I have started to code a bit earlier) and students are now going to work on their projects. As I have told at the beginning of the post, I will talk about technical things in my next blog post where I will also state my plans for the first week of the Coding Period.

I wish good luck to all the students and their mentors and hope that your project will grow to something significant by helping people solve their problems. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and stay tuned!

Originally published at on May 29, 2019.

Artem Fedoskin

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GSoC 2016 Finalist, GSoC 2019 On-going Student. Blog about Deep Learning, Programming and Life

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