There are so many thoughts

There are so many thoughts that ramble through any given individual’s brain. The trick is to turn the rambles in to gold, but caveat: the gold comes out in rambles. For everyone. You need to turn that goddamn awful prose into gold. These are all just platitudes. So how do you get out of just simply nodding your head? Do you need an inspirational epic? I do not have one for you, and that’s my purpose.

It’s hard to decide what’s important and it’s hard to decide what is worth one’s time:

For anyone. Everyone.

Imagine: a spilling of someone’s brain onto paper or onto internet paper. You’d look at the paper and be like who gives a shit. Who cares? What does anyone desire to do but to be read, to be someone who is read (by others).

I don’t know anymore — I guess you have to be outstanding. I think what I’ve learned is that you have to like what you are doing, you have to like engaging, and that you have to try to keep doing what you’re doing and damn the consequences (fuck the haters). Just write.

You can have a book idea but what are you doing? Are you writing that book (you piece of shit)? (You’re a piece of shit.) Ok—(you’re not a piece of shit but you’re close, because what are you doing? You need to get back to work). Yeah.

(What is stopping you?)

This was all satire.

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