This morning, the New York Times published a story called “Examining Tara Reade’s Sexual Assault Allegation Against Joe Biden”. This story comes a full two and a half weeks after Reade’s first interview, and only three days after Joe Biden became the presumptive nominee for the Democrats when Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race. This delay seems to indicate that Reade’s accusation without the Times’ supporting analysis was not immediately newsworthy, or perhaps something they preferred not to share. …

(Copied from my Facebook account)

I’m just going to say this once because actively thinking about it is devastating and anxiety-provoking but —

I hope everyone realizes what we’re witnessing is the crystal clear distillation of the cruelty of our current system and those in power. What is at stake for 45, the Republicans, and most Democrats, is not just our “economy” in the immediate sense of businesses running, but the mechanisms of greed upon which our society is precariously balanced atop.

Our economy is run by vampires. Their only work is to suck as much blood out of the…

Over the course of election season, you’re going to hear about a lot of different kinds of voters. Registered voters, likely voters. Old and young, black and white and “other”, center-left and far-left. Throughout the race, we will continue to report temperature checks on these groups — who is rising and falling with each demographic? Who is coalescing support? Who is becoming… Electable?

Occasionally, begrudgingly, we will also acknowledge a different group — nonvoters. …

Ben Bromberg

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