Photo by: Tim Sullivan
  1. We should all be concerned with where we source our food. Modern day agriculture can be incredibly harmful to the environment. Our soil is becoming more and more degraded meaning less food can be grown in it. Everyone should be worried about what kind of agricultural practices they are supporting.
  2. Growing your own food means that you have control over what chemicals are being used. Yes food that is grown commercially is usually safe to eat but the production of fertilizer and pesticides is so harmful to the environment. Fertilizers are also super dangerous because of over application which is causing fertilizers to ending up in our bodies of water.
  3. Here in the western half of the United States drought is a constant concern. Food forests conserve water. Food forests shade the soil which does not allow for very much evaporation. They also have been designed through permaculture which means that the water available is being used as efficiently as possible.
  4. Food Forests are a great way to sequester carbon. One form of carbon sequestration occurs when plants perform photosynthesis carbon is extracted from the air and stored either in the soil or in the plant itself. Food forests are a great way to become a carbon neutral member of society.
  5. Most commercial agriculture uses mono culture in order to produce as much as possible. While this may be a more efficient way to grow on large scale, it is ruining biodiversity. Every year we lose plant and animal species to extinction. Building a food forests means that one can and should plant many diverse species, which will provide habitat for various wildlife species.
  6. Food forests are actually less work than a traditional garden. Most of the plants will be perennials which means they only have to be planted once and they will grow year after year. A well designed food forest will not need to be weeded nearly as often as a traditional garden which also reduces the work load.



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Sarah McHan

Sarah McHan

Passionate hippie who just wants to share my love of the planet.