Children have the right to education

In 2009, the Right to Education Act was enacted in India that described the importance of free and compulsory education for children between six and 14. It sensitised Government and Non-Government agencies towards providing free education to children. However, over time it has been realised that we cannot facilitate education for children without giving them nutritious food.

Children are the future and to ensure that our nation goes into the right hands, they need to be well fed and educated. We need more campaigns like Feed The Future Now that aims at providing nutritious diet to school children. While the focus of this nation-wide campaign is feeding the children, it also addresses their right to education by bringing them back to schools. It calls volunteers, corporate companies and organisations to donate for child education and do their bit towards right to education for the children.

At the heart of the campaign is the belief that children are the future and so they need to be protected with the right means. It aims at serving 5 billion meals to school children by 2020. School drop-outs in India affect the whole education system while lack of nutritious food results in more drop-outs. The campaign addresses these two challenges in one shot by combining food with right to education. When more people donate for child education, the campaign receives more resources to channelise the provision of nutritious meals — the school lunch across Government and Government-aided schools in India.

The campaign also spreads awareness about hidden hunger which has left 38.7% of Indian children, under the age of five, stunted. If children are the future, we cannot afford hunger and need to fight it right now. It’s only by providing nutritious meals to school children can we truly address the problem of hunger and facilitate right to education.