Feed the future now

Do you participate in volunteer activities for the heck of it or with a view to really make a difference? Are you volunteering to feed the hungry and, thereby, to have a better future for the society or simply towards education? The answers to these questions may help you direct your energy towards the cause that really matter.

Today, approximately 842 million people suffer from hunger worldwide.

That’s almost 12 per cent of the world’s population of 7.1 billion people. And you must have guessed already by now that hunger and malnutrition are closely related. About forty percent of preschool-age children are estimated to be anaemic because of iron deficiency, and anaemia causes 20 per cent of all maternal deaths. In addition, it is estimated that 250 to 500 thousand children go blind from Vitamin A deficiency every year.

This takes us to the problem of hidden hunger where while children do get food, but they don’t get the essential nutrition from that food. That’s why if volunteering is what you are looking for, you must attempt at feeding the children who are the future now.

So how should you begin and where? India today has the highest population of hungry people. As of 2014, over 190.7 million people were undernourished. In India, one of the most appropriate ways to feed the future and to fight hunger is feeding a child.

You may choose to sponsor a child for that purpose or volunteer for a cause that helps feed millions of children.

In their fight against hunger, several children in India drop out of school to help their parents earn their living. They are asked to either baby sit their younger siblings or do odd jobs at various places in order to earn meals for the family. Thus, it’s only appropriate to combine the causes of feeding the children and educating them. You may choose to volunteer for organisations that understand this obvious connection. One such organisation is Akshaya Patra that serves mid-day meals to school children. As a result, the children are motivated to attend schools and hence get access to education.

There are several volunteer opportunities available for you with Akshaya Patra under the Feed The Future Now Project. Do you love field work? You may visit our schools and kitchens and help the staff. Are you an internet junkie? You may cyber-advocate with us by promoting our campaigns on social media, email and newsletter campaigns and reaching out to other people. You may even help our kitchen staff prepare meals if cooking is your hobby or interest.

Help us feed the future now by feeding a child or volunteering in the project or simply by donating. Volunteer today.