Lookin’ So ‘Crazy’ Right Now
Jessica Siskin

I beg to differ. If anything, it tells women that they have a right to embrace their anger when emotionally abused and betrayed. Being cheated on can be crazy making. Why should we care about distributing information to the type of people who may misuse it? Who doesn’t misuse information these days? In the Age of the Internet, sensationalism is the name of the influencer game. Let’s fact check Donald Trump who is all too proud to put his crazy, misused information out there. I don’t recall Beyonce confirming that Lemonade was a 100% accurate depiction of her life. That said, I’ve been cheated on and you do go through that stage of grief. Recall the wife of Tiger Woods smashing the hell out of his car window when she found out he was a cheating. Was she promoting stereotypes of women as crazy or was her response somewhat appropriate when you consider the offense? That said, Lemonade is just entertainment and Mrs. Woods was real life. Perhaps she is responsible for that stereotype. How about that crazy astronaut that wore a diaper so she didn’t have to stop and pee since she was on a mission to unleash some “hot sauce” all over her lover’s ass? Is she responsible? Maybe we should focus on the countless men out there stalking and/or beating the hell out of women daily. Are they responsible for distributing information that reinforces the stereotype that men are crazy? Can we talk about Eliot Spitzer since that fool lied to the world and abused his power to get hookers AND put them behind bars? Crazy much? I, for one, am not yet comfortable stereotyping all men as crazy, and anyone who would leap to the conclusion that all men are crazy based on these incidents out of all those in the entire human timeline may have a dangerous pattern of viewing things in a short-sighted way as a rule. Then again, maybe all men should now be concerned about the ammo those abusive men have distributed to me because I, an adult, am incapable of using it appropriately. Lemonade made almost everyone feel deeply. For that, I commend Beyonce. But, hey, I may be crazy because I strongly believe that stereotypes say more about the holders of beliefs unburdened by factual foundations than about the unfortunate victims of such generalizations.

Disclaimer: My opinion should not be trusted because I am a founding member of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Beyhive. Stereotype away, my friends, stereotype away.