Play 13: Energy

photo by author

31 Plays in 31 Days is a challenge for playwrights during August. The goal? Write 31 plays. Doesn’t matter how long or how good they are. I’ll be posting a few here as I go for accountability’s sake.


Attempt to speak.


Attempt. Pause.


Words cannot express


I remember my memory,
still it gets a little hazy.
Especially now?
Especially now.
The cold — 
winter and snow
take their toll
on me. Everything takes more effort
going outside takes more effort
seeing people takes more effort
not seeing people takes more effort
I just want to

Can’t sleep, shouldn’t sleep,
want to sleep.


I could teach you how to sleep —

I’m not saying you need me to, I’m just saying I could,
if you wanted me to,
if you ever got tired,
not incapable, just tired of being so capable, 
so on it, you know?
Just if
that ever happened…

I could teach you how to sleep.