Staking Program: PHASE ONE

Details of first phase for Feellike FLL staking system.

Check below all needed information:


The number of coins held by the first 100 FLL wallets.

Second Round 30/06/2021 – amount of burned coins:

Number of burned coins in the first round x 2

Third Round 30/12/2021 – amount of burned coins:

Amount of burned coins in the second round.


The first 95 wallets are eligible for the FLL Bonus Coin prizes

Counting method:

Daily: WALLET SIZE IN FLL x 1/365 x 0.25

The 95 wallets with the most points on 12/30/2020 will be eligible for prizes.

Hello all

From now on, I would like to inform you that most of the information related to the news in our project will be communicated to you via the Medium profile. Later, of course, we will distribute the news on our social media channels.

Today we have a portion of news for you.

From now on our official calendar on coinmarketcal has been launched.

  • at this link, we will gradually add new events and all valuable information related to FLL that we can temporarily plan.

The first thing we added is the update of our roadmap.

In addition, another…

Feelike TEAM

Check full info about team of FLL (feellike) coin:

Przemysław Kamiński - 32l. blockchain expert and enthusiasts get first experience at CCUniverse. We strongly believe that best year for cryptocurrency didn’t come yet.

Przemyslaw Kaminski founder and CEO of FLL profile:

2. Mostafa Bahrami - (CMO) Whatsapp : +98 912 294 811

3. Mojtaba Hassan - Development Engineer Whatsapp: +98 912 145 4039

4. Tomasz Szymczyszyn linkedin profile:

Feellike FLL

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