I lie here…weightless…an observer. No control of direction or the space around me. The waves of light are calming. Intricate patterns intertwining indefinitely. As I succumb to the senseless sensations surrounding, I am suddenly somber. Tranquility tearing to threads the turbulent turmoil of toxic terrestrial tendencies. I am no longer here nor there just the space in between, and beauty is beseeching my brain to be breached by its bewilderment. I am just an observer.

This feeling is no longer safe. Gravity gives us the grand guise of groundedness. Without it, we have nothing to cling on, nothing to draw our souls closer. Constantly contaminating our cerebral channels of certainty with chaos.

I am searching feverishly for an anchor, a fixation something that I know to be truth. Instead surrounded by a relentless, overpowering, immutable darkness. Even the most fantastic of flames that fly by are but a fickle flicker of fortune.

She can see it. The swirling sickening sadness saturating my senses. My fortitude is fleeting and terror sinks in.